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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


do you ever have those lemmings that you cannot get over until you actually get it??? well, I have that all the time... I should call it lemanx!!! instead of sepanx (separation anxiety) I have lemming anxiety! (hahahaha.... sorry! it's early, I have a long day ahead & I'm awake!!!! this doesn't happen everyday so I'm gonna take advantage of this good mood & start my day by doing a blog post....)

everytime I see something that I really want, I have to get it otherwise it will bug the heck out of me... but eversince I started blogging, I found a way to kind of ease the anxiety by blogging about it... for some reason everytime I make a wish list of some sort, the anxiety goes away... it's sort of like a release I guess... after blogging about it, suddenly I no longer feel this strong urge that I need to buy this certain product..... that's the beauty of blogging baby!! =) I love it!!!

anyhoo... on to my release!

I saw this picture about this military must-haves from a junk mail I got yesterday on my email....

& right away, the one on the far right caught my eye... so I hurried to the Payless shoes website to check it out & ughhhh... I almost died!!! it's so gorgeous! right away, I fell inlove!

Fioni Krazy Lace-up Shootie in Taupe $34.99
***wipes drool off face***

they are having a BOGO 50% off sale at the moment so ofcourse, you have to think ahead & imagine 'if I were to buy the Krazy Lace-up shootie, what would I buy with it to enjoy the sale?' so I browsed around the site & found 2 other shoes that I might grab with the first pair, with a big IF! the first choice is the...

Fioni Lyric Lace-up Shootie in Tan $34.99 / $17.49
oh so pretty!!! this would look super cute especially with skinny jeans!!

or this....

Z London Hotty Peep Toe in Bone $34.99 / $17.49

I've been looking for these type of shoes for ever but none of the shops or online stores have them in my size (5) & I just wouldn't take my chance on a 5.5 coz most of the time, on pumps sizes always run bigger.... so what got me really excited was that Payless have all three shoes in my size!!!! yay!!! so now, all I have to do is let it simmer for atleast a day then convince the beaufee into buying them for me... LOL

anyhoo.. that's it for my [L]emmings [O]f [T]he [D]ay!! now I can go on with my day... =)  btw, mother goose & father bear are leaving for the Philippines today & they are staying there for three months!!!! so we are kinda busy with the packing & the airport trip & all that good stuff... so Imma cut this short for now... hope all you ladies have a great day!!!


  1. peep toe heels are fun and I find that they hurt less on your toes! I love the nude pair you picked out

  2. Amazing shoes! Great blog, I love your posts! You have great style :)

  3. LOVE the military shoe- esp the cute little peep toe booties- but most of my heels are pumps. i'm so boring.

  4. Haha, I get those lemming anxiety too! I look at something I really love over and over again, trying to decide if I'm gonna buy it or not haha!

  5. Loving your blog, I'm following!

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  6. Loving your blog, I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


  7. Dang shoes are addicting! I love the 1st and 3rd pair. I wear a sz. 5-5.5 too, tough for us small feet women hah.

  8. oooh i love the first shootie, that looks very sassy!!!

  9. I really love the Fioni Krazy Lace-up Shootie, it looks very beautiful and stylish. I really want to have a pair of those. I hope I can have one of them


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