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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I found these things last week when I was doing my weekly drugstore rounds... =)

@ Walgreens
50% off sale on Wet n Wild products

I grabbed me some of the new Fast Dry nail polishes from the new released collection for 2011...
I got (from L-R)
Gray's Anatomy 237C, Buffy the Violet Slayer 231C, Saved by the Blue 230C
these are the only three that caught my attention... I actually found these before I even read any reviews or any blog entries about them... but after seeing some posts about these new polishes (particularly Chloe's Nails blog), I kinda hoped I got the Party of Five Glitters (check out Chloe's Nails awesome nail swatches HERE... isn't it gorgeous???)

they are so pretty in the bottles... it just sucks coz the camera could not capture the actual color of the blue one... even when I turned off the flash,
it still didn't get the true color of the nail polish.... the blue is so much darker than this & it seems like theres a violet color tint to it... it's a really dark royal blue... I love it!

there are about 18 shades in this new nail polish line... check out this post & this post to see all shades in this new collection...

I also got a few from the permanent line...

I got (from L-R)
Night Prowl, Caribbean Frost, Blue Moon
look at that gorgeousness in the bottles!!
I spent less than $5 on all 6 nail polishes... shaooooo!! LOL

& then

@ CVS where they were havin a semi-annual sale
75% off on some Revlon nail products
I grabbed Cotton Candy & Sheer Nude
with the 75% discount & a $1 extra bucks coupon, I paid less than $2 for these two polishes which are originally priced around $6 per bottle... I saved all kinds at both stores! **happy dance** LOL

did you ladies pick up any of the nail polishes from the new line?


  1. Great haul! Those are some great colors!

  2. beautiful colors! i love wnw its so affordable with great products!

  3. I loooove Wet 'n Wild products!! Their eyeliner and nail polish is realllly cheap and the quality isn't too bad. Great blog!

  4. Those new WnW nail polishes are gorgeous. Definitely going to be checking those out. Swatches?

  5. i love sales!!!!!!! too bad i rarely see one at the nearest CVS here =/


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