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Thursday, November 11, 2010


about 5 months ago, I had returned some stuff to Forever21 & got a store credit of around 60 bux... I lost the gift card somehow & have forgotten about it... but I finally found it in September & so I decided to get some stuff....

so here are the cute pieces I got from Forever21 last month, I just never got the chance to post them....

{pictures courtesy of}

Water Color Roses Dress

Large Leatherette Clutch

Zipper Flap Clutch

Faux Diamond Headband

Folied Heart Earrings

Shiny Rhinestone Ring

Oversized Faceted Ring

ooohhh this dress!! need I say more??!?

I love how versatile this clutch could be... you can use it with the chain as a shoulder bag or hide the chain strap & use it as a regular [oversized] clutch...

& to compare the size with my iPhone...

I needed a brown, casual, oversized clutch so I fell inlove with this as soon as I saw it....

& to show the size..... 

look at how huge this thing is!!! it almost covered my entire hand... 

this thing is a little chunky as well but I like how it looks on my hands....  

don't you love the foily effect on the details of this set of earrings??

I wore it when were in Vegas (October 18th)... here are some pictures before we went to dinner at the Carnival Buffet at the Rio Hotel....

[if you can even see the earrings... LOL]
I used the brown zipper clutch that same night but I couldn't find any pictures of it... 

I bought these stuff coz I was supposed to go to my friend's bachelorette party in Vegas this weekend... but something came up, so I wouldn't be able to go.... ***pouts**

have you been to Forever21 lately??? what did you buy?? I would love to see your F21 haul....


  1. You gotta love 'forgotten' gift cards! specially from F21!! You got great stuff!
    That dress is so pretty!
    I love those rings as well!


  2. Oh I love that dress. So CHIC. Did you mention Rio Carnival Buffet? Girl, I love that place. Best buffet I've ever been to. I can't believe it even has PHO. I would die to go back...and this time I'll go with sweat pants. lol Great haul.

  3. The leatherette clutch is lovely! The last time I went to F21 is three-four months ago. Oh my! I got a summer dress and denim shorts. :)

  4. aww thanks hun :) your so beautiful too! <3

  5. nice haul! pretty accessories! :)


  6. We've just got a f21 here in the UK, unfortunately the stock isn't as good as yours over there and the prices are almost double! :(
    Lovely to see your haul though! love the dress & tan bag! :) x

  7. we have f21 here na...bought few tops na and the prices are very affordable. kabog ang local brands...the store is always jampacked!

  8. @ Blanca - yes, finding forgotten gift cards is the best! I am crazy about rings!

    @ Mara - yes, Rio Carnival Buffet is the best in town IMO... the food there is the bomb! we go there whenever we're in Vegas... & yeah, you have to be comfortable when you're there, I've been in heels the last couple of times, what was I thinkin right?!? LOL

  9. @ Maria - thanks for stoppin by! =) I'd love to see your haul... I'll go visit your blog now..

    @ makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! - it's huge though! LOL I think it's the biggest ring I own...

    @ Donna - thanks for followin me back... =)

  10. @ First Impression by AiR, Nadia Aboulhosn, kellyyes & Mia - thanks for stoppin by my blog! I'll see u all around =)

  11. @ Steph - it's ok that the stocks are not as good! you guys have a lot of good drugstore makeup that I would love if we have 'em here! so I think it's just fair! LOL just kidding!

    @ Icylicious - I heard nga! buti mura hane?! pero baka mas mura pa rin sa Greenhills.. hindi ba??

  12. If you ever get bored of the zipper flap clutch please think of me :)

    Willing to buy it off you for more than rrp!



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