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Friday, November 12, 2010


I found some more... mwahahaha **evil laugh**... LOL.... here are some more awesome (is that the only word I know to describe an AWESOME giveaway??? LOL) giveaways that are worth entering!!! coz ya know, I belive that us, girls, we gotta look out for each other... so just a heads up on some good giveaways....

The Fashionable Housewife's Make Me Chic Pick Your Boots Giveaway
are you on a budget & still can't afford anything at this time but has a fall/winter boots on your wishlist??? then it's your lucky day!! coz The Fashionable Housewife is havin a giveaway sponsored by if you haven't visited then you're missin out coz they have the cutest shoe selection at very affordable prices...

here are my top picks from their boots collection that I really hope I'd win:

hurry & visit HERE to pick your's!!

this giveaway ends November 28th. click HERE for details...

Beauty Ambition or Evelyn's 600 Followers Giveaway
Evelyn left me a comment on my previous giveaway alert post about her giveaway that's ending December 3rd.... I'm so glad she did coz I would never have found her cool blog & her awesome giveaway if she didn't... I am now a follower not only because of the giveaway but because of her lovely blog... I'm loving her swatches, haul posts & looks.... check out the most recent look she did HERE, isn't she so pretty? & her Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes haul & swatches that made me drool for days... LOL... go check out her blog, I'm pretty sure you'll love it! & you know I don't promote any blogs just coz, y'all know when I brag about a blog, it's because it's something I really liked....

I really hope I win this palette coz y'all know I'm collecting all Urban Decay B.O.S. palettes... see proof HERE & HERE... so y'all should just let me have this one... LOL

anyhoo, go visit these lovely ladies' blogs for a chance to win these amazing prizes...


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  2. thanks for sharing the giveaway xxxx

  3. haha lurve the blog! you got an awesome sense of style fo real! :D

  4. awww.. thanks guys for the nice comments! & thanks for following my blog... hope to see u all around...


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