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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


am I like the last one that heard about the Friends & Family Sale that Sephora is having?? doood!! I almost almost missed it!!! I guess the sale started October 22nd & will end today, November 3rd... does this happen around the same time every year?? how come a lot of people knew about it & I didn't?!?!! were you guys notified about it or something?? coz I mean I know I got some stuff from last year's F&F sale but I don't remember the month when it happened... & also, I get notifications thru email about sales & discounts & stuff like that but not with this one... what the heck is goin on??? did I just miss that email??? oh well!! what's important is that I didn't miss it....

so here is my wish list for the Sephora Friends & Family Sale 2010.... (in no particular order)
I'm actually not sure what shade I should get, I usually head over to the store to get matched but I guess I don't have time to do that now, do I?!? I was gonna get the light peach but it's out of stock at the moment, so I will probably get the light bisque instead...

my biggest problem when it comes to skin/face is blackheads on the nose.. mine is really bad right now coz I haven't used anything to get rid of them... I've tried the Biore & the Ponds strip in the past but was really not satisfied with the result... so I wanna see if the problem will be solved if I get a product that's a bit more on the high end...

this is probably something I don't really need but just really curious about this product....
I don't own a single NARS eyeshadow as of yet, for the very obvious reason that it is way too pricey... but I love the colors from the swatches that I've seen & I wanna own atleast one....

I finally finished the Aveeno Sunblock Lotion SPF 55 (4oz.) that I've had since August of last year... (see post HERE)... wow! I had it for more than a year?!?! I must not use a lot of sunscreen or maybe coz I stopped working & I don't really go out of the house that much?!? but since I'm a product junkie, it's a big deal for me to have finished one product without buying another one with different brand but with the same purpose... yay for me!! LOL... but yeah, since that one's dunzo I need to get a good one... I mean I liked the Aveeno coz it never broke me out but I think it's a little bit greasy for my already oily skin... so I need something that's good for oily skin.. did a little research that lead me to this... we'll see how it works... 

I've been using the Kate Somerville that I got as a sample & for some reason, it didn't really wow me... it didn't give me any reason to buy the full size at all.. maybe coz I got used to the uber creamy consistency of the Aveeno that my skin doesn't wanna adapt to the runny consistency of the Kate Sommerville one... plus when I looked in the Sephora website & compared the ratings of the Peter Thomas Roth & the Kate Sommerville, Peter had a better review... so I'm trusting my intuition on this one... & it's telling me yes to Roth & no to Sommerville...

I just need a good undereye concealer team & according to reviews, this & the Bobbi Brown Correctors are top notcher...

another thing that I probably don't need at the moment since I still have some makeup remover wipes from MAC... but just something I had to put on a list somewhere to remind me that I have my eye on it...

something I'm definitely sure I don't need but have to have because of this stupid thing I started about collecting the whole Book of Shadows series... ugh!!! now if I don't get it, I know it's gonna bug the hell out of me for a long time... so, now I really have to get it.... yes!! it's called addiction!

just another reminder that someday, I will have this... but if I recover from this addiction, maybe I'll change my mind =)

I know this I gotta have!!!! I've been droolin on this baby for a loooong time now but it was too expensive for a perfume, in my opinion, so I wanted to just wait until there's a really good deal on this... I dunno if the 20% discount is good enough though... I know there's a lot on eBay that are a little bit cheaper than what Sephora offers... but then again there's a question about the quality... so... I have til end of day to make up my mind...

do I really need this?? I mean, I'm not quite a believer of eye creams, my mom got me used to this idea that creams and all those things that people put on their faces will cause a lot of damage to the skin in the long run, particularly wrinkles & lines... so, that got stuck in my head & so I steered clear of them... but then I hear these things that we need this cream & that cream for this & that.... so I'm confused!!! is this really something we need????

as you can probably tell, I'm not good with hair... you would notice that my hair is always straight (if not, just straight up NOT FIXED)!! it's because that's all I know how to fix my hair!! I don't like the idea of the clamp or clip or whatever it's called... believe it or not, I have tried using a regular curling iron & I DO NOT LIKE IT!! the other thing that bothers me is that the traditional clip iron doesn't seem to work on my hair... it's not curling my hair at all!! trust me, it's not because I don't know how to use a curling iron or that I'm not using a curling spray... it's just not curling my thick ass hair... so, I think I just need something different... but again, this is just another item that's staying on the wish list because it's wayyyy wayyy too expensive!!

the whole purpose of this wish list is to get your opinion on some of these products...

do you have any of these??
if so, how do you like them??
is it buy worthy??
do I need it??
should I get it???
waste of money??
does it really work???
what shades are best??
do you recommend any other products that I should get??

& any other comments, opinions, anything would help! so please feel free to drop me a note... I have until the end of the day to finalize my order... so, I would appreciate your input on this....

if you are like me who's not aware that the Sephora F&F 2010 is goin on, you still have a chance to avail of this great deal! this happens only once in a while, so if you need stuff from Sephora, now is the best time to grab 'em... all you need to do is enter the code "FF2010" at checkout & you will get the 20% discount on your entire purchase plus free shipping on orders of $50 or more....

have fun shopping!! =)


  1. clinique all about eyes is my holy grail - i swear by it(they have a range of three different eye creams for everyone)
    loving your blog by the way x

  2. I use a lot of the Peter Thomas Roth products and I love them! I use the cleansing gel and moisturizer. I also use NARS- great eye shadow- really stays on well and fun for a crazy night out!

  3. Cool blog girl!

    Hope to see u in my blog! =)


  4. nice blog; ) ur photo is really fantastic !!!
    i like it :**

    follow me and write a comment if you want ! <3

  5. NARS eyeshadows and Flowerbomb are must haves as far as I'm concerned!

    Best, Lisamarie

  6. glad u got the concealer i hope u like it as much as i do

  7. haha sorry i wrote ur name wrong =D
    but thx for explaining =P

    i want the curling iron ,, MUFE cream color bases ,, benefit powder ,, and UD eyeshadows =( =(


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