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Sunday, November 28, 2010


do you have this problem???
well, I used to... I used to have my earrings laying around everywhere.... getting tangled with each other or to everything else.... but not no more....

a few months back I saw a honeycomb earring rack very randomly on & they were priced around $20 or more.... so I had the idea of just getting honeycomb wire from Home Depot & decided that I would just make my own.... 

I found the honeycomb wire but they come in really big pieces which didn't look like they're something that can be purchased in a small portion.... 

I was glad I found this in the same isle... I think it's called a vent/heater filter cover or something like that... they come in different sizes.. I believe this one is the standard size.... it was priced at $3 & some change.... sorry if I no longer have the info on this, it's been a while.... 
the ones that you will find on Etsy would usually have a frame of some sort... this thing already sort of have a built-in frame... so I don't really have to worry about that part anymore... I guess all I need to do is pimp it out a little with maybe some paint or gems or whatever.... but for now, I'm using it as it is.. I like the chrome look to it anyway....

here is the close-up of the grid...  

you can use it to display your favorite necklaces & bracelets as well.... but I bought it exclusively for my earrings.... 
 you can hang this on the wall either vertically or horizontally.. I chose to do mine vertically, for now.... 

here are pictures showing it with different backgrounds...

now I don't lose any of my earrings anymore... this is also a great way of not only keeping my earring collection organized, but I also have fun displaying my prized possession by creatively arranging them on the wire grid.... these babies are too pretty to sit in a jewelry box anyway... =)

my collection is not that big but as you can see this grid is already full so I might get a few more & get super stylish by maybe hanging them on a wall in groupings of three or more...  

this is my little helper.. 
my brother's baby girl... the only baby girl in the family....

look at that little frown on her face...
she was soooo curious!! 

she's only gonna be a year old in December.... but we can already tell she's gonna be a girly girl when she grows up.. & if not, I'll make sure she will be... LOL

she loves to get in on whatever it is I'm doin.... whether it be taking pictures of my makeup when I'm bloggin or when I'm doin my nails.... as you all may know, I have two boys... so I take out all my frustrations of not having a baby girl with her.... I looove it!!

look at that little pout-pose!! hahaha

such a pretty little mama!! 

I hope you like this storage idea... I love finding new ideas & tips like this.... so leave me a link if you have any in your blog... =)


  1. That's a great idea and also you know what you have instead of searching from a pile. I have mines in tiny seal bags, works for me.

  2. OMG!!!..I love your earrings collection!!..I love earring too.. ^_^..

    Thank you so much hun for commenting on my blog..Really appreciate the birthday wish..

  3. I used to hang up the earrings like you, but i dont like getting dusts on the earrings

    now i just put them in different boxes but its difficult to find a pair

    ooohhh, dilemma >_<

    (by the way, the baby girl is so cute! adorable =D)

  4. I achieved the same thing cutting and sticking an old stocking to my bookshelf :)
    This is a good idea too though!

  5. @ Angelys - that's right! u see all of your earrings so u get to choose what u want to wear.. hey don't diss seal bags, that's what I use for all of my other accesories! their the best from keeping dusts off... =)

  6. @ -AnGiEpInK- - you're welcome babe!

    @ ♥ Pixie D ♥ - those are the 2 main issue... dusts & getting unorganized... but I realized I can easily wipe the dust off so I went for organization... =) & they're just so pretty to look at.... thanks btw, isn't she super adorable?? =)

  7. @ MissMarlboro - stockings?? wow! that's pretty creative & resourceful too... I would like to see how yours looks like... heehee


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