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Monday, November 29, 2010


from Wal-Mart

Hard Candy Glamoflauge
Heavy Duty Concealer
Medium 313 

comes in cream & pencil form 
I actually first saw this in Sofia's blog - ʚϊɞ Sofia's Brighter Days ʚϊɞ... she did a great post (click HERE to see that post) about this product... so great I had to get one for my self.... LOL...  go check out her awesome blog.... I know you'll love it....

I mainly bought it for the pencil coz I have been looking for a nude colored eye pencil to line my bottom waterline with... (as mentioned in this post where I featured Stila Kajal pencil in Topaz)... I've been liking the look of wide-awake eyes... so I think this concealer pencil & the Topaz pencil would be perfect for that.... I wanted to get the MAC Chromagraphic pencils from the MAC Pret-a-Papier collection a few months back but it was sold out right away.....

Rimmel London
Hide the Blemish Concealer
Light Beige
I swear I'm in a concealer kick these days... LOL

Rimmel London
1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Pencil
049 Natural
I've been wearing just nude lips lately.. my lips are very pigmented, I couldn't get rid of my natural lip color showing thru the outline... so I thought this would be perfect to pair with any of my nude colored lippies...

from Walgreens

60 ml / 2 fl. oz. 
regular price is $11.99... it went on sale for less than $8 so I had to get it... 

Wet n Wild
(from L - R)
Mega Last Nail Color
Under Your Spell
Mega Last Lip Color
Stoplight Red
Red Velvet

UnderYour Spell


here are the lipsticks next to each other... 
Red Velvet (L)
Stoplight Red (R) 

they look almost identical but if you look closely the Stoplight Red is much deeper/darker in color... 

here are the swatches... 
(from L - R)
WnW Red Velvet, Wnw Stoplight Red,
049 Natural lip pencil, Light Beige hide the blemish concealer,
Medium 313 concealer cream, Medium 313 concealer pencil

with flash 

without flash, under the lamp 

from TJ Maxx

Calvin Klein
eau de parfum spray
1 fl.oz. / 30 ml 
it's kinda hard to find this anymore, so when I saw it there I thought I'd grab it before I lose the chance to.... this is one of my classic faves!!

no name makeup brush
this would be perfect for liquid, cream or even powder foundations.... great for buffin in products to your skin... 
this thing is uber soft...

from Big Lots

Nail Dryer
this can  be used for both mani & pedi... we'll see how good this works
needs 2 AA batteries...

Total Beauty
Eyeliner Brush

the tip was super thin... 
but then when I pressed on it with my fingers, it fluffed out.. I dunno if it would still help me get precised lines... I guess we shall see...

I got some other stuff from Big Lots, like Revlon tweezers, Tweezerman nippers, headbands, hair ties, magnified mirror & some other stuff that I didn't think you would be interested in.. so i just didn't include them...

anyhoo, that's all for my collective haul from October & some from November... hope you didn't mind the picture overkill.... LOL


  1. I love looking at your haul! i am so curious about Hardcandy stuffs, seems so cool to try esp the concealer.

  2. Great haul..I know u'll love the concealer, u got awesome lippie and nail polish shades...Ive been on a foundation/concealer kick too!!!

    Thank u for mentioning my blog <3

  3. i don't mind the pictures. love seeing lots of em! I still haven't tried anything from the Hard Candy line. Walmart is to far from my house.

  4. @ MINAKICHU - thanks babe! I was soo curious about the brand too & wanted to try atleast one item, but didn't what to try.... until I saw the Glamoflauge from a fellow blogger... I haven't tried it just yet but as soon as I do, I'll post a look & maybe a review...

  5. @ Sofia - you're welcome sweetie!! that's the least I can do to thank u for letting me find out about this product... =) & besides I love your blog & I would love for other bloggers to enjoy it as much as I do...

  6. @ Becky - I don't mind pictures either! I love looking at them at other people's blogs too... I think I'm a visual person.. LOL this is actually the first item I'm gonna try from the brand & we'll see how it does.. if it impresses me then I would def get some other stuff although they're not the cheapest brand out there... I love Walmart! LOL too bad your's is too far.. ey let me know if you need something from there & I would gladly get it for u... =)

  7. The nail dryer looks super cool. TJMaxx surprises me some times with NARS palettes and great deals on fragrances. Enjoy your new set of goodies :)

  8. You got some good stuff! I love wet n wilds nail polish and lipstick =)

  9. @ Kristie - I rarely go to TJ Maxx but when I do I'm always on the look out for NARS, ESSIE, perfumes & nice purses... hardly clothes... I don't like going thru millions & millions of clothes... LOL

    @ Miss Tapia - thanks!! I loooove WnW soooo much too... I think I'm addicted to them... LOL

  10. Great haul! I desperately wish to use concealer. I also got awesome lippie and nail polish shades. I will definitely be there on wall Mart soon.
    Best Mineral makeup

  11. Wow...great haul. That flat top brush looks amazing! I think I saw that the MAC chromographic pencils are being re-released in a new upcoming collection

  12. @ Ere - thanks! if you wanted to try concealers... try MAC studio finish or the MUFE one... from this post, you should def try the Rimmel one, I haven't really used the Hard Candy one yet... but I'll def let u know how I like that...

  13. @ FunnyFaceBeauty - really?? they're comin out with some more?? OMG!!! that's great news!! I would def look out for that... thanks for the heads up girl!!

  14. That nail dryer looks great! I am always messing up my nails because I am too impatient for them to dry =)

  15. @ jadore - I am the same way, that's why I bought it... LOL... thanks for stoppin by, btw


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