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Sunday, April 11, 2010


yay!!!! another blog award!!!! awwww.... I can't believe simple things like this can make me uber happy!!!!

thank you so much BREE of Viva La Breee for giving me this blog award!!

this smoochie is for you doll!!

so on with the RULES....

- Post the logo within you blog or post
- Pass the award onto 12 fellow bloggers
- Link the nominees within your post
- Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog
- Share the love & link to the person whom you've received this award from

I'm not really sure how this award works... but based on the name-'Sunshine' I'll be giving this award to the ladies who have their own unique ways to brighten my day... either with their bright, happy, fun, cool blogs or just their very friendly, positive attitudes...& here are my nominees:

I found Angie thru Michelle's blog, Beyond Me... her very sincere comment on this post caught my attention... from then on, I wanted to follow her blog & actually wanna be her friend... =) 

I wanna give this award especially to her, coz she is just very friendly... I love how she always say the word 'friend/s'.. I think it was a great way to make all her viewers on youtube & all her blog readers feel very at-home with her... I also love that she's always smiling... =)

I just love her style & her fun DIY ideas!! also I gotta give this award to her simply because of her youtube username - anneorshine... I think it's just right to give her a Sunshine Award! hahaha... am I starting to sound lame now? but for real though, she has a unique way of doing her OOTD pictures... check out her blog & you'll see what I'm talkin about....

don't you just love her blog title?? that alone will make you smile... what more if you start reading her blog entries?!?

5) PAM
her blog has its own weird way of making my day... she cracks me up!! I love her humor, it's the 'I-don't-give-a-fudge-about-what-people-think' humor.... she has balls & I admire that about her.... oh besides the fact that she is effin gorgeous!!!

7) DEEZ NAILS (sorry, I dunno your names)
all the bright colored nail polishes never fails to brighten my day!! =) OH & plus the nail application is just amazing!!! they got mad skills!

8) JEN
her pretty face can brighten your gloomiest day... haha... did I just sound like a stalker?! I'm just amazed at how pretty she is...

bacause we have something in common, we are both 'yummy mummies'!! we already have sunshines in our lives that brightens our day everyday...

is my number one favorite makeup guru... she is incredibly awesome with makeup & yet manage to still have a very humble attitude... I also admire her very bubbly personality!! you rock Marlena!

I love her encouraging words & cheerful quotes... I also admire the fact that she expresses herself thru her clothes, shoes & accessories... she encourages everyone to "be your self"... she has an amazing talent!
she is one of my favorite youtube makeup gurus... but most of all I love her because she always has a positive attitude, regardless of how much she's goin through... she's went trhough a lot lately & all this time I've been thinking of a way to reach out to her, to let her know that there are a lot of sincere people that are standing behind her through all this crazy shit... & just thought this blog award would be my way to tell her that she is a sunshine to a lot of people in this crazy makeup blog world.... you inspire a lot of people like me... hang in there Kandee! stay you! 

for being my newest follower.. I sure appreciate her & all of my followers... thank you! =)


  1. Omg, thank you so so much ;)))
    The blog reviews was awesome lol :D
    It was my first lol :D
    Found some interesting blogs in your list :)
    Thanks again, and congratulations of course :)

  2. you are very welcome love! :D

  3. Aww, thank you so much for the blog award! I'm so flattered. XD Looks like you had a very nice list of other ladies in the bunch!

    And congrats on receiving the award yourself too. ^.^

  4. Sweetie, thank you so much <3
    I'm glad to have met you through blogging and your award totally made my day!

  5. cute blog..great nail color down there!

  6. aw thank you xxx yummy mummy indeed vyou are

  7. congrats on all the awards ^^

  8. Hii :) Omg thanks so much I really do appreciate it! I have a lil problem copying it to my blog though cuz I'm not sure how!! Sorry I'm such a newbie to this. But I love your blog too! Keep up the amazing job xoxox


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