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Thursday, April 29, 2010


have you every tried any of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks?? if not, you better run to your nearest drugstore now!!! coz they are amazing!!!! I love these lippies... I'm pretty sure you would fall inlove with them too...


- the colors are gorgeous
- the finish is very smooth... not too creamy, not too dry.. I'd say it's just right
- it wouldn't dry out your lips
- the price is not too bad, $5.99 each.. I got mine while CVS was having a BOGOF sale.. so really not bad!
- the packaging is very simple, none of that fancy shmancy useless stuff on it
- it has a nice sweet scent to it that I love.. it's so girly, you'll find yourself sniffin on it before or after you put it on
- it lasts a decent amount of hours... I'm just not too specific about the staying power when it comes to lip products as I really don't mind reapplying them

here are pictures of the ones that I own...

my very first one was AIRY FAIRY (see this post) & my very recent purchase are CRUSH & PINK CHAMPAGNE... I believe I got these last week...

I got the Crush because I was instantly attracted to the color when I swatched it at the store... it's a bit orange-y & coral-y at the same time which shouts 'summer time!!' so I had to grab it... I will be doing a look using this lippie soon...

& the Pink Champagne just because I've seen a few makeup gurus on youtube raving about this, so I had to get it just coz this Curious George wants to see what the hype was all about... so far, I'm lovin it!!! I used it on an EOTD on this post...

 here they are upclose...

& the swatches...

I also got a couple of packages yesterday from some eBay sellers...

I purchased a couple of false eyelash sets in two different styles.. each set has ten pairs each..

here they are upclose...
(click on the image to enlarge)

as you can see, I'm into the kind that extends outwards, at the moment.. these are the kind that gradually gets thicker & longer at the end... for me this kind makes you look more feminine while giving you a really natural looking long lases... I can't wait to use these on my looks & for going out as well...

one more thing before I end this post... last night I stumbled upon Ann's blog - The Real Deal Reviews & while I was browsing thru her page, I found out about her birthday giveaway... I don't usually follow blogs because of giveaways or what not, instead I usually base it on the content, the material of the blog... & I don't usually join giveaways unless it's really great! so what's better than having found a good blog that's having an awesome giveaway at the same time right!?!?

so go check out her blog/giveaway by clicking HERE... hurry coz her giveaway ends May 9th... Goodluck to all of us who joined... =)

til next post chicaaahhhhs!!


  1. I hate to admit but I love those lippies, I have crush and the pink one. Rimmel does animal testing though :(. Love the blog, cant wait too se how those falsies look! <3

  2. hi Leah!! thanks for stoppin by my blog & thanks for the lovely comment... wow! I didn't know Rimmel does animal testing... is there a website you can go to to check which cosmetic companies do that?? anyhoo... I was tryin to leave you a comment on your blog yesterday & then again right now.. but blogspot is not letting me post it.... it's weird!! the screen where you type in the security word is cut off... I dunno!! I hope you will go back to this post & read this comment...

  3. i love rimmel lippies if u like violet lipsticks u need to try heavenly

  4. I need to pick one up stat! I think I'll go for pink champagne. Those lashes look super cute, although I'm too lazy to wear lashes. I', also not used to the "heavy" feeling on the lids.

    Also cute nail colors from your previous posts... and I love the song on your blog ^__^

    xo, Diana

  5. I love airy fairy...looks gorgeous!

  6. those lip colors are really nice. I love mac!

    You have a very cute blog.

    I'm following yours, have you ever checked out mine?

    Hope you can stop by and follow if you like it : )

  7. awesome swatches! :) I especially love Crush :D

    That is a LOT of eyelashes you got in the mail!! LOL Have fun w/them all :)

    You are so pretty! I love the makeup looks you did in your previous posts :D

    New follower here :)

  8. Hey Annettee! Sorry I'm just replying to your comment about the BB Couture and FingerPaints polish now, i've been so busy with school, ugh!

    But you can buy Finger Paints at Sally's Beauty Supply and you can buy BB Couture polishes from Overall Beauty or BB Couture's website :)

    Here's links to both:

  9. I'm following for sure : ) i see myself, so weird but thanks for visiting again !! have a great day

  10. those lipstick colours look amazingg! : ) also ebay lashes are the BEST! : )

  11. Oooh I think I love the crush and airy fairy best! :) Super cute post and lovely blog! Following you! :)

  12. Thanks you for following my blog as well :) I really like the idea of playing music on the blog...I might have to think about that too :)

  13. Omg, I just realized what your blog name meant, at first I thought it was in Chinese or something. :D

    Love your blog, and just followed you.

  14. I want the lipstick in pink champagne, it looks gorgeous :D
    Nive blog btw, I'm gonna follow you, you can follow mine too if you want.

  15. THIS LINK --->
    tells which companies test on animals and which don't.
    They do really horrible things to all types of animals such as feeding dogs lipstick until they die. It's very upsetting...>_<'


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