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Tuesday, April 27, 2010



no flash

with flash

I applied this with Sally Hansen base & top coat... although I love the color, I was disappointed with the consistency of this product... I dunno if it's just this specific item I got from eBay or all Zoya nail polishes are like this.. this one is just too thick... it was a little easier to apply on the left hand with the right... but vice versa, you would need a lot of work with the application... it was almost impossible to make it identical to each other... I would probably need to very slightly dilute it with acetone or sumthin... any advice on this ladies??

nonetheless, I was still happy I got this, it's the perfect Barbie pink color... they got it so right!! I know the consistency is just a minor problem, I'll make it work somehow...


  1. Pretty~! I love the color too.
    Adding a little acetone should help. I've done it before (with another brand). They do sell nail polish thinner at beauty supply stores too. I've always wanted to try those out, but never got the chance to.

    - ♥ Janel [blog]

  2. loveeeee this color where do they sell zoya!!

  3. Ohhh soo pretty!!! Looks like bubblegum pink! :) I am filipino by the way--just replying to your comment. :)

  4. @ Janel - thanks for the suggestion... I'll def check if they're selling those thinners at Sally's
    @ Sofee - I got this from eBay, I'm not sure where else you can Zoya at... as soon as I find out, I'll hit u up... =)
    @ April - thanks for the info.. LOL.. hope u didn't mind me being nosy... LOL
    @ Leah - me three!! LOL


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