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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


my lips are normally chapped coz I haven't been givin them any treatment lately... but today they were callin me to paint some lippies on em.... & because I was bored & my lips were lookin healthy & cooperative, I decided to do some lip swatches...

these are just random cheap lippies I've hauled over time... nothing special, like I said, I was just bored... =)

the first one is Wet n Wild's THINK PINK... I almost forgot that I got this... I found it in one of my makeup pouches & finally opened it tonight...

here is a swatch by itself
& here it is topped with NYX Megashine Lip Gloss in Sweet Heart
it looks like a totally different lip color after applying the lipgloss on top.... it made it more wearable.. but I think I prefer the original color... I should've tried a clear gloss to preserve that light pink color...

& look what I found!! NYX HERADES a lipstick that I bought back in May of last year (see this post)... dang!! almost a year old!!! how time flies!!!
I haven't even used this baby...
I'm actually lovin it!!

up next is NYX POWER... it was said to be a good dupe for the MAC's Lavender Whip... something I cannot confirm coz I don't own a Lavender Whip... it's LE & I could not find it anywhere anymore... =( so I guess I gotta settle for this one... I got this with the big NYX haul from back in February...

by itself
topped with NYX Round Lip Gloss in Very Clear
so for those of you ladies who has the MAC Lavender Whip, is it a pretty close dupe?? or is it closer to MAC Pink Plaid??

& the last ones are from my Rite Aid haul back in March (check out this post)
Wet n Wild 521A
I'm not too crazy about this one... it looks almost too red for me..

Wet n Wild 511B
this one on the other hand, I love!!!! it's a pretty wearable fuschia
I was actually looking for something that's close to MAC Show Orchid or MAC Girl About Town & this is the closest I could get with dirt cheap ones from drugstores...

I'm so into the fuschias these past few weeks... I've been lemming on the MAC's Petals & Peacocks from the Liberty of London collection (click here to see a swatch from Temptalia).... I couldn't decide if I should get it or not... I don't usually get stuff from the current collections but this one is something that I really want... it's actually been on my MAC shopping cart for a couple of days now & still debating whether I should get it or not... it's the only one out of the four lipsticks from this collection that is not sold out as of yet... I just hope I can decide before it's not too late....


  1. hey! thanks for droppin by my blog. love the lipsticks and this is gonna sound totally weird but after looking at ur lips for the whole post.. i gotta say, u have really nice shaped lips! hahaha =)

  2. I've heard about the new wet n wild lippies, they seem really good & for 2.99?! so yeaaaa I need to get up on that!! & thank you for your comment on my blog, love the support <3

  3. oh & I was looking at your sephora 15% post, I noticed you wanna get the Dior Show mascara, I have it in a plum color 'cause it was on sale for $10... & honestly it's not all that great, you can find a drugstore one better than the Dior Show one.

    buuuuuut I HIGHLY recommend Smashbox Lash DNA, I use it alot but not too much 'cause I don't want to waste it lol

  4. verypretty picks..i love inexpenisve lippies!!

  5. hey girl i lovee that nyx power lippie on you!! its soo gorgeous i wanna get it now :)

    i'm a new follower 2 ur blog! follow me back please?


  6. great post i love the colour in the last photo

  7. I am glad I came across these swatches. I think I need that NYX Power now!


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