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Sunday, March 28, 2010


for this weeks nails, 

finally pictures taken outdoors... =)

here are the things I used:
Nail Magic Nail Hardener & Conditioner as base coat
China Glaze Basket Case n/p
Seche Vite Top Coat

I only did one coat of each... & for only one coat, I say the color is amazing!

& some pictures indoors

please excuse the sloppyness.. I'm still workin on my skills on nail painting... also I did my nails an hour before I went to church... so it was kind of rushed... BUT, a big but!! since I used the Seche Vite top coat, it was very easy to jump on the next tasks right after applying the polish... you can take out laundry from the dryer, take a shower, or whatnot!! the Seche Vite top coat is by far the best top coat I've ever tried!!! it dries lightning fast!! as in probably less than 30, even 15 seconds... a proper review will be posted as soon as I get the chance...  

do you guys have any suggestions on a good clean up technique??? for now I'm only using a (stainless steel) pusher... so if you know any good way to do clean up, please shoot me a message... =) thanks!!

{ EDIT }
March 29, 2010 Monday
(1 day later)
on our way to LAX (airport) to drop off our friend, Keith (who's going for a vacation to the Philippines for a whole month), we stopped by Camarillo Outlets to check out some stores... ofcourse, first stop was the CCO... fortunately & unfortunately, I didn't get anything... but the sales clerk noticed my nail polish... she said she loves the color & asked what it was, where to get it... she was pretty shocked when I mentioned I only applied one coat... she said she is so
buying one...

I also forgot to post this last picture showing my toes... haha...

sorry if it grosses you out! I haven't done any treatment on my feet in a long time now... but don't fret, I bought this little thing at Sally's last week...
the Heel to Toe feels like new foot softener
it was on sale for $1.79(or sumthin like that)... regular price is $4.99 & Beauty Club Card holders get 'em for $4.89... good deal eh?!? 

the foot treatment shall begin.....

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