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Saturday, April 17, 2010


today me & my other two friends, Sarah & RC went to one of MAC's Style Sessions...

you probably all know what Style Sessions are.. if not, they are classes offered by MAC to all makeup enthusiast... I haven't been to any MAC classes... so, I was imagining, long conference tables, where we sit, station ourselves for the whole 3 hour class, jot down notes & just relax while listening to the makeup experts... nope, this one is a stand up class.... this class, according to the MAC ladies, offers a whole new experience to the current hottest trends from the runway... it hightlights three different types of celebrity events... therefore, they put up 3 stations & put everyone into 3 groups... each station accommodates one group at a time... each one discussed a current celebrity style to a specific makeup trend for the current season (Spring/Summer 2010)... these are the guides for  products used for each look...

the looks included the:

#1 "EVERYDAY CELEBRITY" which the MUA described as the look celebrities wear when they're running errands... "when Kim Kardashian gets Starbucks..."
#2 "ACADEMY AWARD CELEBRITY" the look that most celebrities use on the red carpet... red lips, big bold false lashes....
#3 "GRAMMY AWARD CELEBRITY" which was said to be a glamorous look taken from the runway to the red carpet...

the class required a $50 reservation fee which was redeemable in products after the class.... & here are the stuff I bought with the $50 & more....

I was picked to be the model in our group for the first lesson, the "Everyday Celebrity" look... I was so surprised with my self, usually I'd be nervous & shaky & stuff, but this time I was just confident... the only thing I worried about was the part where I had to remove my entire face makeup & let people see my bare face... but the MAC model told me not to worry, the MUA will make me look great.... well she sure did!!!! I had so much fun while I was on the chair... what sucked though was that none of us brought a camera... so I didn't even get to take a picture of the look... the only picture we had was from my friend's iPhone... ugh!!! I was so disappointed at my self... but on the other hand, I still enjoyed the whole thing... I learned so many new tricks... here are the items I purchased from the products they used for the looks...

Mineralize SPF15 Foundation in NC30
(this was the foundie used on me for look #1... I love how it feels on my skin... it felt really light & not sticky or greasy at all)

Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmer Blush (left)
Warm Soul Mineralize Blush (right)
(Warm Soul was the blush the MUA used on me with look #1... I think a lot of people loved this & actually purchased it... well, I know me & my friends did!)
- swatches -
(same order as above picture)

219 brush
242 brush
(the MUA that was assisting in our group said that this is their secret weapon when it comes to eyeshadows... I was like "I thought it was 239?" she said, not anymore.... according to her, she loves using this brush especially when she's in a rush & wants to work fast... hmmm... she had me sold on the word 'fast'... LOL)

VIVA GLAM V Lipglass
(they used Spiced Lipliner & topped it with Viva Glam V lipglass on me.. I love it!!!)
- swatches -
(same order as picture above)
I actually didn't mark VIVA GLAM VI.. I'm not sure how it ended up in my bag... this lipglass was used on look #3 (the Grammy's) on top of VIVA GLAM IV lipstick... I didn't like it, it was too dark on the lips... I dunno if it was that or if it was because the model they used on such a matured look was a 15 year old girl... I mean the look was very glamorous & the girl was very pretty, they just didn't fit each other... 

since I didn't get to take a picture of the look they did on me, & since I have the guide of products used, I am planning on recreating the looks featured in this class in the near future... LOL... I'll probably ask Sarah for help... she was chosen to model look #2's lips, which was basically a bold red lip... they used Cherry lipliner, topped with VIVA La Cyndi lipstick... she was the perfect red lips model... she gorgeous!!!

here are pictures of Sarah wearing red lips at an event back in February... & to give you an idea of how they both look like... they pretty!!!!

oh, I found a picture of the 3 of us... I dunno what I was tryina do here... i look gross... LOL... just ignore moi!! focus on Sarah & RC...

Sarah, me & Chuck

Sarah with Janice, Don, Ashton & Anwar(in the back)
told cha!! she's the perfect red lips model!!

(the girls from left to right)
Sarah S, Sarah P, moi, Charisse, Michelle & Regina a.k.a. RC

& for the final picture... RC, Don & me doin the who-knows-what pose.. LOL
the lean back pose perhaps?!?

there were two sessions, at 11 AM & 3 PM.... we attended the one at 11 AM... it went by really quick... the whole session ended around 12:30 PM... so the girls asked me to go to Sephora with them... perfect!! I needed to go try out some perfumes... also, Sarah's been raving about NARS Sheer Glow, so we wanna go get matched...

after sniffin on a million eau de parfums & eau de toilettes... I decided my top 5 perfumes to consider are...

#1  Chanel Chance eau Tendre
I love this image.. it looks like me!! LOL awww... it was love at first sniff!!

#2  Versace Bright Crystal

#3  Carolina Herrera 212

#4  Juicy Couture

#5  Marc Jacobs Daisy/Michael Kors (it's a toss up between the two!)

please refer to this post for pictures of the other ones....

as soon as I got home... I went straight to & eBay to research on where I can get them cheaper... I ended up getting Carolina Herrera 212 from eBay for hella cheap... & Chance from Sephora... updates on these purchases as soon as I get them from the mail...

I got matched with 3 different foundations...

MUFE Mat Velvet #35
(I got #40 initially & it was too light for my skin... I love the coverage of this foundie... it actually has more coverage than the HD... but I'm way too loyal with the HD that I don't think I'll ever replace it, eventhough I think it's causing my skin to break out...)

MUFE HD #128
(the first one I got was #123.. it was very similar to #128... they are very close... so I'm gonna play with this some more & see....) 

NARS Sheer Glow in Syracuse
(the MUA told me this foundation is very sheer, hence the name... so if I was looking for a full coverage since I have a lot of blemishes, I should go for something else... I asked her to try it anyways.. I even asked her to do a full face... I liked it at first, I didn't think the coverage was a problem at all... but I noticed on our way home I started looking orangey... I wouldn't mind tan, but Carrot Top orange? I don't think so... but that's the good thing about getting samples... you can always try 'em then decide whether it's buy worthy or not..)

do you have any of these foundations? what are your thoughts on these??

22 April 2010

finally got to text Sarah for the iPhone pix from last Saturday... thanks Sarah for these!!
me & Sarahpot

me & R.C.

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