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Monday, February 23, 2009


it's my turn to welcome someone to this crazy & addicting world of bloggin...

Welcome to blogland weewee (Deion talk translation = Tito / Uncle) CHOI!!!!

I guess I'm just passin on the trend, influencing innocent people just like how my sister did it to me (link: LOL...

it's kinda cool, in a sick way, to know that I've turned a sober person addicted to something he will never ever stop craving for... ok... I'm putting too much on it... I know Choi's not new to bloggin, but I guess I just wanted to claim or take credit for sumthin... LOL!!

here's Choio's page ->

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  1. hey! how come you didnt give a shout out to my blog! hmp! kidding..

    whats up? whats down? whats all around?


    oh yeah when are we gonna watch a movie?


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