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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Nanay finally got a glimpse of my blog... she said, "manlaki naman ng pictures mo!"... so why the big pictures of me on this blog??

it's weird how I ran across this page a few minutes after my mom's comment on my self absorbed header -- "The Reader's Point of View: The Irritating Side of Blogs" link: ... I am guilty of #6 on the list which reads...

6. The blogger is too self-centered.
Most blogger fails to understand that blogs are a two-way communication tool, not a one-way broadcasting tool. It’s good to add some personal touches in your content and blog, and sure… this might please the more regular readers of your blog. However, too much “I, I, I” and “me, me, me” can and most often will frustrate new readers.
Remember, when you’re in a conversation, the best way to keep the other participants happy is to talk about him or her, and not about yourself. Of course, that is unless the topic of the discussion is about you. The best conversation is one where everyone can participate and share their thoughts.

then #3 states...

3. “What is this blog about?”
I am a fanatic StumbleUpon user and as a result, I come across many new blogs on a daily basis. One of the most frequent question I ask myself when landing on one of these blogs is “What is this blog about?”. While your content and about page are great at describing what your site is about, the typical Internet surfer will probably not bother to read them. What most blogs need is a quick way for internet surfer to identify what the blog is about.
Here’s some tricks that can help your visitors recognise your blog’s topic:
• Put a visual cue in your header. If your blog is about books, why not put a picture of a book in your header? This will not work very well for metablogs and other blogs with more abstract topics. This leads us to our next tip…
• Describe the topic of of your blog using your blog’s title and tagline. Make sure that your blog title and tagline are descriptive and attractive. Something simple is always best, but make sure that it will provide the visitor with enough information so that he/she can decide whether this blog is for him or her.
• Put your content above the fold. This way the visitor can see the headlines of your posts right after coming to your site. If the headlines are persuasive enough, you might have just gained a reader.

I'm confused as these 2 aspects contradict each other, atleast in my case... according to #3, to make clear what the blog is all about, "put a visual cue in your header" which I pretty much nailed!... & according to #6 it's not really good to always talk about me, me, me... but what if the subject of the blog is ME?!? then what?! ano ba talaga kuya??? LOL!!

***singin to the tune of "it's my party"*** "it's my bloggy & I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to" LOL

don't mind me... I'm just bored!!! nothin-to-write phobia hits...

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