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Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm clickin.... I'm textin.... I'm callin.... coz ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew) is down to their final 2 crews:



last night was their last performance to help America decide which crew is the next America's Best Dance Crew.... ok Mario Lopez!!! LOL!... but kidding aside, Quest Crew killed it last night... both their battle performance (against Fly Khicks) & their final performance (against Beat Freaks)... they were so good man! everything was on point & everything was clean.... don't get me wrong, I like Beat Freaks too... they are good as well, especially their performance on last week's episode, but not last night's... in my opinion, they got nothin on the Quest Crew... I was on the phone all night (literally) last night trying to vote for them... I probably called 400 times, sent 100 text messages, & clicked on the VOTE button 100 times already & I will be clickin, callin & textin until March 5th...

So please do the same & vote for QUEST CREW now...

call :
1-877-RJ CREW-2 or 1-877-75-2739-2
text :
2 to 224-44
click :

then tune in to MTV on Thursday, March 5th @ 10 PM PST... thank you!

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  1. I'll go for Beat Freaks! Di ko pa napapanood ang past show, so tanggal ang Fly Khicks eh?

    Lagi nalang guys nanalo sempre magaling mag BBOY mga lalake. BBOY din ata ang Beat Freaks?


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