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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We just got done with our P90X day 2 workout.. it was PLYOMETRICS today... I know right?!? What the hey is plyometrics?? Don't make me explain right now, I have every reason to believe that doin extreme workout can drain you out, everything in your body including your brain... hehe... (what an excuse!!) Kuya thinks it will be P180X for him.. hell! it might be a year for me - P1yearX!!! haha... that would be really sad! I have a good support system though, my workout buddies(Kuya & Beb-who by the way thinks I'm getting addicted to this blog thing) are serious! so I guess that's good... they'll keep me goin... Need to buy some stuff though - weighing scale, some free weights/dumbbells/band, pull up bar, uhmmmm sports bra..(ok! so you don't need to know that)

I found hella food in the kitchen when I woke up this afternoon('round 1)... there was Sopas, Asado & my fave - Pork & Liver(hmmmm)... So I ask? "what's the okeyshun Nay??".. she said, "10 years na!".. I had to think, 10 year? of what? & then it finally came to me... "aaaahhhh 10 years na sa Amerika!"... wow! it's been that long?? I guess time really flies whether you're havin fun or not... My baby-my VW Jetta, on the other hand, will be 7 years old.. I could not remember the date when I bought it in 2002, I just know it was in February... I know! I'm a bad Mom, can't remember my first born's birthday... anyway, pictures to follow... this reminds me, I have to take it to the lot for service bago magtampo ang baby ko...

Speaking of cars, I called GMAC earlier, (they finance our auto loan) & I know that their customer service call center is located in the P.I., I've called them several times & the reps that I get are all Filipinas, you'll just know, it's not only by the accent but how they use their words - always proper & they're always polite.. but not this girl that I spoke with today... boy was she rude!! she gave me hella attitude!! I don't know! but this is the kind of work I used to do.. It wasn't straight up customer service, it was Accounts Receivable but we get all kinds of calls from dental offices paying their bills or if they need assistance managing their accounts... I did not get proper training but you should know how to be professional especially when the customer is getting irate... I wasn't even close to being upset, I was just asking for her to explain where a late fee is coming from... She got all crazy with me!! Man! this girl was saying "Gahhhhhhd!!" with so much attitude! girls, you should know what I'm talkin about, we use this expression all the time especially when we're irritated... I was glad she didn't say "Gaaash!" I would've been livid... i think 'Gosh' is worse.... I was like "gurl!!" haha... I took her name & ID#... I'm gonna call back tomorrow, i'm giving her name to a manager... Hah!! nahh.. I'm not that mean..

Here are a couple of pics from Aidann's birthday party last Saturday 02/07/09...

Aidann's 1st birthday.. We're all Mickey Moused out!
A DECADE, Davi, Ate Jenn & 3 kids LATER (plus Ate Kaytlee)

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  1. hahaha, grabe, 10 years n nga pala kayong nasa 'meyrika, gabe was barely 2months old noon, how time flies!


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