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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


today was registration day for Kindergarten... so, I went out to Alvin School today to register my oldest son, Devean.. school starts at the end of summer(August)... gotta start training him for that coz that boy DOES NOT want to go back to school...

went to the bank right after to settle an ongoing dispute or maybe just so I can enjoy a little itty bitty sigh of relief... one problem taken care of 999,999 more to go... I'm so tired of laggin on everything..

because of that I had to treat myself & satisfy my addiction... I think I deserve it for accomplishing 2 tasks today.. hehe... I bought me some drug store makeups & brushes & tantananan!! found the 3 barrel waver that I've been looking for forever... Yay! I am so psyched!!! can't wait to play with it (oi! not in a lewd way!).... it's gon be awesome!! heehee
did you get to see tonight's show of American Idol? the first 3 finalists have been chosen, although 2 of the guys I was rooting for did not make it in (Anoop Desai & Ricky Braddy), I was happy for 2 reasons - [1] my fave from this week's set made it - Danny Goke & [2] that chick Tatiana Nicole Del Toro is going home... OMG! that girl is so fake!! her personality makes my skin crawl... I am just so glad she's gone so I don't have to get so irritated the whole season... LOL! I can't give out a prediction of the final 12 as of yet coz I haven't heard all of them sing but I do know my girl, Jasmine Murray will make it through...
Ricky Braddy Anoop Desai Tatiana Del Toro Danny Goke Jasmine Murray
Consider yourself being TAGGED...
Name your American Idol TOP 12 Finalists

{P90X update} I heart CARDIO X.. I think I'm gonna do it everyday! I was sweating like no tomorrow....

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