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Hello fellow makeup junkies!! Welcome to my blog - A Daily Dose of Kaartehan (kaartehan = vanity)... This is my tiny slice of the world wide web where I celebrate being a girl & also where I store my boo-hoos & blah-blahs... I am a mother of 2 awesome boys who loves makeup & anything pretty... I am a certified MUA not MakeUp Artist, but a certified MakeUp Addict... If you are looking for a good read, hence the title of this blog, you are in the wrong place... So get out!! LOL... otherwise, thanks for droppin by & I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am oh so sore it's not even funny!! it was that friggin plyometrics that killed me... I was literally limpin at Costco when me & Davi went to go get rice... when I had to go get rice by myself before, I had to ask for help twice.. I had to ask a store clerk to put the sack of rice in my cart & then had to ask a guy outside to put the sack from the cart to the trunk of my car & I had to do this with a 'pa-cute' voice... this time when Nanay asked me to get rice I was like 'I gotta wait for Davi'... I don't have the energy to look/sound cute right now, especially not when I'm limpin... I feel for the old peoples man!...

a little update on the P90X since I skipped blog for how many days... We worked on chest & arms then ab ripper X on Wednesday.. yoga on Thursday with Weewee Choi from Vegas... then arms again on Friday at Annie's while playing poker... ok that don't count! hehe... then missed the last couple of days... we had to go to a friend's wedding... what's funny is that I saw someone there who works at Costco, who asked me why I was walking funny when he saw me... told him about P90X, turns out, he is doing P90X as well & he is on his 3rd week.. man!! can't wait for the third week, it's probably gonna be easier since we'll be used to it by then... ***sigh***

I almost landed my first makeup gig for this wedding, but the bride got too busy to even do the trials... sayang! oh well!! i thought my career being a makeup artist was gonna start there... LOL!!

anyways, I'm gon let you all go now!! I'm watching a 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' marathon & droolin over ROB KARDASHIAN... he is so hotttt!!! also gotta get some rest, I am tired from the Core Synergistics work out tonight which I finished by the way ***pat on my back***, ok ok with the help or should I say, with a push from Davi... hehe... also, pamatay bukas - it'll be Cardio X... everytime I see the X at the end of every normal workout name, i shake!! katakot!!

anyways, goodnyt y'all!! just a little update on a few things with me...

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