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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Santa's coming tonight tonight, Santa's coming tonight"... have you seen that Christmas episode of Sponge Bob?? it's the one where the whole Bikini Bottom just barely got introduced to the idea of Christmas & they all waited for Santa to come for days... this was the song they were singing over & over & over & over & over.... it was so damn annoying!! LOL.... I remember telling D (the manfriend) how S-T-U-P-I-D it was, spelling it out so the kids would not understand... hahaha... sorry I dunno why I had to share that with you but that song just gets stuck everytime I hear the word Santa....

but yeah, Santa came tonight & left this at my doorstep...
awwwww... an early present from Sannneee Claus... LOL... ugh!!! that friggin wish list!!!! I shouldn't have done that post... I knew it was a bad idea... I should've known this was gonna happen coz everytime I go on my blog & look at the damn items on that list, I drool.... hahaha...

good thing I didn't buy everything on that list... I admit that I was only partially good this year... LOL... so here are the things I thought I deserve based on that....

and some samples... hmmm... I always forget about them samples... I have to try them out & do a post dedicated to them one day....

they also included this discount card, saying you're invited to spend some more money at their store again, as if what you just bought ain't enough for you to be broke yet... hmmm but now that I think about discounts, I just realized that it ain't really my wish list's fault... it was actually that stinkin VIB club that made me get these things.... I almost forgot that I actually used the VIB $20 gift card they sent me thru e-mail... it was like paying only $20 for the HD foundation, then the primer was just an extra that I had to get to avail of the free shipping... them business companies man! I swear, they are so so smart... you thought they just gave you all these perks & promos & all these good stuff, but really all they're doing is getting you to spend some more money... they trickkksssd us... LOL
then after they get you excited with a 20% discount, they lure you in some more with a guide on how to use that discount & spend your money some more, with this catalog.....
good thing I didn't really see anything I would spend my kids' milk-money on.... the only thing that caught my eye is the Illamasqua powder blush (pictured is in shade HUSSY)..... not that I need any more blushes, I'm just curious about the brand.. so I might look at their other stuff one of these days...

hope you enjoyed my early Christmas haul... how bout you? what did Santa get you this Christmas??


  1. Oh my lordy! I feel ya! Sephora has seriously robbed me of my bank account. I just keep buying and buying...honestly they do *trick* you into thinking you get FREE SHIPPING, $20 off, 20% OFF, etc etc but you end up paying more than you normally would for the purchase transaction to go through.

    I just bought some Kevyn Aucoin foundation that was in their "SALE" section. I think a lot of the brands are going out of business, like Vincent Longo and that Napoleon Perdis. So yeah...there goes all of my Xmas money, lol. ^_~

  2. haha, i'm sorry you got suckered in, but that primer does wonders for me! let me know if the foundation works with you!

  3. nice haul! i bought the HD primer recently too and can't live without it now. it's awesome :D too bad they didn't have the extra 20% for those of us in Canada :(

  4. Awww you're sooo sweet hun!

    The INSTYLER is..seriously my officially holy grail hair tool. I was so tired of the blowdrying with a round brush when I wanted body, and that's with not even using any sort of lifting or setting spray.

    I got mine on ebay (much cheaper) good luck in your search for one and I can't wait to see or hear about a review!

  5. I love makeup forever!!!!!

    Nice blog. I'm going to follow. Check out my blog when you get a chance as well.



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