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Thursday, December 10, 2009


lately I've been so into GRAY, gray boots, gray jacket, gray tank top, gray beanie, gray scarf... I just love it right now.... I dunno if it's coz I've been hearing the "GRAY is the new BLACK" campaign recently or what... but for some odd odd reason, I've been feelin team grey...

& oh speaking of gray, just an FYI & a little update on the gray suede boots I ordered from AMI, they did not deliver on that one.... well, literally! I was pretty disappointed coz I've been calling, but none of the numbers they've provided are working... I didn't even get no email, no nothing from them to let me know what was goin on... if it wasn't for online banking, then I would've been waiting for those damn boots forever... if I didn't check my bank then I wouldn't know that they just refunded me the money & that was it....

luckily the boots I've been eyeing on for weeks now went on sale... & in my frustration with AMI, I decided to get them today even though it was double the price of what I should've spent at AMI... as you all know, I'm a cheapie!! I don't really care much for brand names, just as long as they're nice & has pretty good quality, then I'm down for that...

so I got these grey suede boots at Kohl's for $49.99 + tax... it was originally at $79.99 + tax but finally went on sale..
so wacha think? 'ju like??

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  1. Those boots are fierce! I love gray. Thanks for stopping by my blog! As for the Zibu symbols, I'm not sure there's one for patience, maybe Grace? I wanted to get Begin Anew after I graduated from college. Maybe for 2010!?


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