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Hello fellow makeup junkies!! Welcome to my blog - A Daily Dose of Kaartehan (kaartehan = vanity)... This is my tiny slice of the world wide web where I celebrate being a girl & also where I store my boo-hoos & blah-blahs... I am a mother of 2 awesome boys who loves makeup & anything pretty... I am a certified MUA not MakeUp Artist, but a certified MakeUp Addict... If you are looking for a good read, hence the title of this blog, you are in the wrong place... So get out!! LOL... otherwise, thanks for droppin by & I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Monday, December 14, 2009


I am tired of Sephora sending me these e-mails about a V.I.B. $20 gift card they want me to spend... this is like the third time they sent me this
so I thought the only way to finally end this madness is to just use it.... hmmm... what to get, what to get?? oh maybe something from my wish list... we'll see.... stay tuned!!

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