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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


this post is really just a big test to find out whether I was naughty or nice this year.... & I have a feeling that just because I said that, I won't be getting any of these things.... LOL... so let's just say I'm changing the reason to this post... as previously mentioned in one of my old old posts, I like lists coz lists are cool!!! so here is one just because...

my Christmas 2009 WISH LIST
(in no particular order)

you are more than welcome to fill it up with blush pans as well... ;) if you do decide to go all the way generous, contact me for blush shades... LOL!

complete with the shades I want for your convenience... LOL

you have 3 choices in terms of size, there's 1oz, 1.7oz & there's 3.4oz.. you know what they say, "the bigger, the better" & oh yeah " the more, the merrier"... we should all live by these philosophies

&/OR... but I would greatly appreciate it if it was '&'

yes, shade 123 please!! thank you!

either 0 or 6... again '&' is highly preferred...

Viva Glam V coz I'm running low low low low

Saint Germain coz it's just so effin pretty!

or if you're feeling all girly-girly, you can get me the Nice in Pink

LOL to my captions... I'm just hopin & prayin someone would take them seriously... =)

that's all I can think of for now... I am not hard to please at all... these little things will make me very very happy....

now as for my non-cosmetic wish list....... just playin!! that's another story! happy christmas shopping everybody!!

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