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Friday, June 10, 2011


one of the overdue posts.... better super late than nevaaaahhhhh.... LOL

EASTER SUNDAY's [N]ail [O]f [T]he [D]ay
Sinful Colors

Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat
Sinful Colors Hazard
INM Out the Door Top Coat

pictures in different lighting... 

with painted eggs.... =D 

I love how the shade of orange changes in different lightings.... my fave is when it looks like a pastel orange.... it's very Spring!!! 

remember this post? WHAT ARE YOU GIVIN UP?? ....

just thought I'd give you a little update on my lent sacrifice - rice, soda & fast food... yes, I survived it!!.. well except for the soda... LOL but, I did make it to 40 days without no rice or fast food!!!

my first bite of rice after 40 freakin days....

hmmmmmmmmm.... seemed like the best rice I've ever had in my life... LOL

Happy Easter everyone!!! LOL


  1. very pretty color--looks great on your skin tone

  2. LMAO you look so happy! Also, cute color. I love how fun and wearable it is, and also how cute you made the photos.

    Also, sorry about the widget thing. My Blogger follower widget has been acting up lately. I think it's up now though. Thanks for the sweet words and for visiting my blog. :)


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