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Sunday, June 26, 2011


back in April, I got the chance to work with Fotog_Republic once again to do Jessica's Quinceanera.... 

hope you enjoy the pictures showing our experience on our first big event.... 

{ MUA at work }

products used are listed on this post....

{ fave pix of Jessica after makeup was done }

{ Jessica with my friends Chuck & Michelle of Fotog_Republic }

this was taken by the end of the event, after crying & everything, makeup is still intact... I got to stay for a few hours to offer her a complimentary touch up but I didn't really need to... it was awesome!

I had a blast working with Fotog_Republic!! nothing beats working with friends.... =)

& I just wanna say....

thanks Jessica & Sonia for letting me be a part of this special event... =) I had so much fun!!

click HERE if you wanna 
see more pictures of 
Jessica's quinceanera at 
Fotog_Republic's website...


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog =) u did an awesome job right here! The look goes so well with her dress without competing for attention w/it. Kudos definitely!

    Also, I'll definitely be reviewing those duo fibre brushes. I've been eyeing them online for some time now but was always hesitant to get it because I wanted to see them in person so I'm definitely excited t try them.

  2. Aww... that is soo gorgeous!
    I loved how it came out :)

    I recently TAGGED you, come by my blog to check it out...


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