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Saturday, June 11, 2011


guess what I found when I was looking at all the pictures in my 'post or die' folder a.k.a. pending pics for blog folder?!?!??!!

my Zoya giveaway prizes from The Glam Shack!!!!

back in January, The Glam Shack had a Zoya Matte Velvet Collection giveaway 

& I won it!!!!!!! (see proof HERE)

I just can't believe I didn't get to post about this.... Vixxan is probably so disappointed of me... =( I'm so sorry that I'm just barely blogging about this Vixxan... I hope you can forgive me... 

I wanna say thank you sooooooo much for having this awesome giveaway!!! I love the nail polishes that you sent me!!! I've enjoyed them so much..... =)

here is what I received from this giveaway...

I already got this one from when Zoya had a facebook giveaway back in January... I ordered these before I found out about The Glam Shack's giveaway... but I received both packages in March.... (see my post about the Zoya giveaway HERE).... hmmmm... maybe I'll include one in the giveaway that I've been workin on... watchuthink???






so far, I've worn only Savita out of all of them 
& I think it's a very pretty purple color.... I'm pretty sure the rest of them are gorgeous as well... 

again, I wanna say thank you Vixxan of The Glam Shack for this awesome prize! 

I recommend you go check out her blog, she writes amazing reviews... & while you're at it, check out her makeup collection on her sidebar, it's humongous!!!!!!


  1. loving the "Veruschka"! please do an NOTD!!!


  2. love those! they are really beautiful! thanx for sharing!

  3. savita is like my favorite polish ever! gorgeous in real life.....i have the green too, but haven't used it

  4. I am not at all disappointed in you. I hope that you are enjoying this collection as much as I am.


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