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Monday, December 13, 2010


it seems like a tradition for beauty bloggers to do a Holiday Wishlist post..... so like last year, I am participating in this fun "Dear Santa" wishlist frenzy.....

from last year's list (click HERE to see that blog entry), I've only acquired about 4 items out of the 14 I listed... there was a change of heart on most of them & for some, it was just being practical...

for this year, I will be listing items I've been lemming on, some I know I will never get coz it's just pure lust... but some I really hope to get just because I know I deserve it!! LOL

so here it goes....

my Christmas 2010 Wishlist
Lite = $14.00
-I've seen a lot of makeup gurus use this as a eyeshadow base & it looks like it does a good job in terms of making the colors pop... so with that alone, I am sold!

Blue Eyed Bitch = $18.00
-I'm lusting over the vibrant colors in this paint wheel...

you get to choose from the following packaging for your item...

= $54.00
-I've been curious about this foundation ever since I've seen Nic of Pixiwoo use this.... I'm still unsure of what shade I should get, I would probably go & get color matched at a Chanel counter one of these days.... 

Excite (vibrant color) / Lover (vibrant apricot) = $24.00
-I've been on a hunt for the perfect orangey shade blusher... initially, I was gonna get NARS' Taj Mahal (based on the result of my research, most beauty bloggers love Taj Mahal when it comes to orangey blush), but it was no longer available on the website...  so I found Illamasqua instead... they have a few shades that are on the orangey side, but these two stood out more to me... I would probably go for Lover since Excite looks way too bright....

if you have any recommendations on other blushes that are peachy/orangey/apricoty, please let me know... thanks!

Florabundance = $14.50
-I've just been seeing a lot of beauty bloggers ravin about this, so I thought I'd jump in the band wagon....

Round Lipsticks
Orange Soda


Indian Pink
= $4.00 each

Cha Cha





Petty Beige
= $12.50 each

Immoral = $40.00
-they used to have more shades, but for some reason they only have three available in the website... so out of the three, only Immoral caught my eye, another orangey shade blusher...

4-Color Eyeshadow Palettes
Buttercupcake(yellow), Love+(red), Poison Plum(purple)

Dollipop(hot pink), Afterparty(blue), Midori(green), Tako(white)
= $34.00 each
-as opposed to buying the single eyeshadows for $12 each, if you wanna save a little bit of money, buying the palettes is the way to go... besides the savings, they already have the colors that I like in one palette.... it doesn't get better than that!

Navy Blue 60, Purple 92, Neon Pink 75 = $19.00 each
-this is def not an "OR" to the Sugarpill palettes above, they are def an "AND"... hahaha... although most of the colors that I like from the MUFE line are similar to those of the Sugarpill's, I still want them all!!! mwahahaha....

& what's so cool about this is that if you purchase 3 eyeshadows, or any combination of the eyeshadows, Diamond shadows or Powder Blush shades, you get the MUFE palette for free....

= $20.00

& last but not the least on my list was on my wishlist last year...

1 Nude Beige or 2 Sensual Silk = $34.00
-since my first YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick has a brighter shade, I thought I'd opt for a more natural color this time.... both shades were in my wishlist last year... mmmm... which one should I get???

as for the non-makeup stuff....

& from
which names & prices I already forgot...

& something that I've just been droolin on since I saw it from one of AnneorShine's videos (click HERE to see that video)...

= $125.00

= $150.00

I'm pretty sure there is more but that's all I can think of for now... hope you enjoyed my little drool list....

can't wait to see your's....


  1. Great list! Lots of makeup. I have OCC Hush, looove it! I have 3 of R&R blushes too! You should definitely get them from the R&R site. I got 2 for $15.99! :)

  2. ooo this makes me want to go shopping! Great wishlist!

  3. I asked for some sugarpill too! Their cosmetics look seriously awesome!

    Great wish list! :)


  4. There has been alot of talk about the bitchslap cosmetics being purchased from crayola (which could be back for your eyes) so you should beware when purchasing from them (i've actually stopped) but im craving for sugarpill!

  5. i LOVE OCC's Hush and R&R's Immoral!!!! Great picks!

  6. I love YSL Rouge Volupte lippies too, great picks!

  7. sigh...i really want the occ liptars!

    By the way, thanks for letting me know about the top 50 blogs. That was very nice of you!

  8. Great Xmas list!!

    LOL i love the Bitch Slap Cosemtic concept! i heard about them long time more than a year ago. But i still have none of it... sad face. i heard they are really pigmented!

    toms look soo weird to me, but my sister love them! one of my sisters have the toms that are cream with black hearts.

    R&R ---i want to try this! My fav youtube guru has aot of R&R. her name is JlovesMac

    OMG i just purchased a fushia from MUFE! i just reviewed it on my blog! its my new favorite eyeshadow and blush!

    OCC lippies are becoming quite popular.


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