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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I so wanna get minxed!! & the best time to get it I think is during the holidays when we have every excuse to be sparkly & glittery & shiny & shimmery.....

I'm pretty sure you've heard of Minx, they've been around for several months now.... but if you haven't, Minx is a flexible polymer that is heated & applied to nails (only by a professional)... this is the hottest in nail trend, that is a great alternative to nail polish & fake tips... Minx offers beautiful metallic colors, as well as fun colorful designs....

although I don't have access to them in my area, I am obsessed with them (is that even possible?!?!?)... I mean just look at these images!!

so because there aren't any Minx salons where I live, I had to look for an alternative.... since I was only after the look of the shiny nails & not after the eco, green, saving the earth trip, the closest alternative I can think of are metallic nail polishes.... so I went drugstore hopping, on a mission to find the perfect minx dupe.... 

here is the result of my mission.....

okay, okay! so I tried on different nail polishes at the store!!! don't judge!! I told my self I was gonna do only one, then I got carried away & next thing you know, both hands have different colored metallic nail polishes!! LOL... I know this is a big no no, but I sure had fun!!

notice how most of them are jacked up?! it's coz I was too scared to get caught, for some reason I felt like I was gonna get kicked out of the store for tryin on the nail polishes... hahaha.. but despite that, I still managed to stick around for 2nd coats!! LOL.... I am terrible, I know!

that's drugstore nail polish application for you!!!! LOL

anyhoo... which color/s do you think are possible Minx dupe/s??

in my opinion, none of them came close to the real Minx.... but hey I tried!! nonetheless, I still picked up some nail polishes that I ended up liking....

Sally Hansens
I wanted to grab only the Gilty Pleasure, but it was BOGO 50% off free at Rite-Aid the time I got these so I had to pick up another one, I decided on Starry Starry Flight for no reason at all... LOL.. I just have no clue what to get at the time...

then I went to CVS & it was the same dilemma with the

Rimmel Londons
they were BOGO 50% off as well... I wanted to get Steel Grey but I was concentrating on the Christmas colors too much that I picked up Stilleto Red & Marine Blue instead....

then the

also BOGO 50% off.... I only wanted to get Silver Screen but had to get another one so I got Peach Petal because nothin else caught my eye....

& last stop was Walgreens

no sale on the nail polishes that I wanted to get so I just picked up

Sally Hansen
Celeb City... so far, this is my favorite out of all the ones I swatched.... I'm most excited to wear this one!

so are you ready to see me have fake Minx nails???


  1. I think Milani's "Miss Milani" is the most minxy! xxxxxx

  2. You did a great job, it's creative and fun!!

  3. Milani one is awesome. really like chrome effect!

  4. I love that you painted your nails at the store. That is so something I would do too. I really like the celeb city one. I may have to get it myself.

  5. I love Minx nails! this summer i got my nails professional minx at Tinys Nail Bar in Georgia. Here is my blog posting about it:

  6. ohhh i want that Orly Rage nailpolish! How pretty!!!

  7. I've never heard of this Minx thing before.. the nails look crazy shiny though. Do you know how much they cost in places where they do have it?!

  8. @ Phoebs & Pixie D - yeah, I really liked that one too... I think that is the closest to being a Minx dupe...

    @ A Shine Bunny - thanks doll! I did have a lot of fun!

  9. @ FunnyFaceBeauty - LOL.. it was so exciting painting my nails at the stores, just the feeling that you might get caught doin something you're not s'posed to... hahaha.... yes, celeb city is my fave of all... I just did a post on that... check it out...

  10. @ Hershey's Sweet Kiss - I just checked out that link... thanx for sharing!! it's so cool!! how I wish there's a salon that does Minx by me... was that really Tiny's??? did u see her there?? LOL

  11. @ the Honey B - I like that one too... I didn't get it coz I was hoping Sally's would have a sale on Orly's but they didn't so I just passed on it for now... I will def pick it up some other time tho...

    @ Eugenia - they're sick huh?!? I'm not really sure how much they cost... I didn't go that far on my research... u can visit Hershey's Sweet Kiss' blog, maybe she can help u answer that question...

  12. LOL - I have to admit that I've tried on nail polish in the store as well :S And yah, I always worry some crazy siren will go off and next thing you know there's a shriek and I'm thrown out the front door haha
    I've heard of Minx and the mirror finish it provides is amazing! Ahhh...too bad it's nearly impossible to achieve at home :( But love the polishes you picked up. I esp love sweet colours like Peach Petal


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