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Saturday, December 11, 2010


call me addicted.... I really wouldn't care... I would actually admit to it... coz Wet n Wild lipsticks are really addicting.... I mean who wouldn't get obsessed with the cheap price & the vibrant colors of these lippies?!??!

take a look at the new additions to my WnW Mega Last lipstick family....
I got (from L-R)
908C / Sugar Plum Fairy
919B / Vamp It Up
918D / Cherry Bomb
909D / Coral-ine

the swatches in the same order as above...

I love everything about these lipsticks.... but the packaging, not so much!! besides the round shape, flat top design as opposed to the traditional slanted, angled, rounded shapes that prevent the tip of the lipstick from getting into the caps... I'm also not so fond of how they labeled it....

don't you just hate how the name is not on the exact tube but only on the label that gets detached anyway????

this is how the packaging looks like, unopened....
you can clearly see the name on the plastic label.... 902C / Bare It All

once you detach the label, this is how the lipstick looks like.... 

sure you'll find the number when you flip it over..... 
but how would you know that this is Think Pink??? especially when you're like me who forgets things....

well, fret no more coz I found a solution for this.... 

instead of tearing the label along the perforation, I cut it with a box cutter along the gap of the cap & the tube instead....
& voila!! name is permanently on the tube....

even if the caps get mixed up with the others, you can just match the numbers on the bottom of the tube....

just a little trick to help people that are anal like me...... LOL... the only downside to this is that the plastic label kinda covers the tube but that doesn't bother me at all... [I think what's more important for me is knowing which one I'm putting on my lips...] other than that, I hope this helps.... 

from this batch, I've only used 908C / Sugar Plum Fairy

here are the lip swatches

on top of a lip liner (with similar color)
with a clear lip gloss over top
& on my babies' cheeks... teehee
my boys used to not like the idea of me kissing them when I have lipstick on... but when I was gonna go somewhere this one time & had to leave them with my mom... they didn't want me to leave them so what I did was told them I would have to kiss them & explained that if I leave the lipstick mark on their cheeks, my kisses will stay with them for a long time & that way they wouldn't miss me as much.... it's like I'm there with them the whole time... they agreed for me to kss them even with the lipstick on... & ever since then they don't really trip on me kissing them even when I have lipstick on... heehee....

are you a victim of the Wet n Wild lipstick addiction?? what colors do you have??


  1. i agree, WnW does make some very nice lipsticks for such an inexpensive price. thank you for the tip as well :)

  2. so cute! haha i love how you kissed your son for a swatch xD with clear gloss on top is really flattering. i love these wet n wild lipsticks too. i'm wearing wine room in my latest fotd!

    i hate the packaging thing too .. gahhh hate it when i can't find the name again. i also think they're a tad dry but they're super pigmented. pretty awesome for their price :)

    <3 angie

  3. I don't have any Wet 'n Wild lipsticks but after your review I think I'll have to pick up Sugar Plum Fairy, it's a gorgeous color! On you AND your son ; )

  4. 908 and 919 are so pretty and i love the lipstick prints on the boys!

  5. I love the WnW l/s. I have 3 of them and plan on getting more sometime in the future. :) BTW your swatches are really nice. My swatches never look good.

  6. I wish they were more moisturizing. My lips are always dry after using them. I have the same problem to any lipsticks though. But those are pretty colors! Nice swatches. :)


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