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Friday, December 17, 2010


okay, so I may have gone overboard with the title!! LOL... ya, it's late & I'm tired.. just wanna get this delayed post goin already... so I apologize if that was a little too cheesy for you...

a few weeks ago, while I was cleaning up / organizing some of my makeup, I found something that I purchased back in September - my MAC Angel lipstick...

shoot!! I forgot all about it! for almost three months??!? you can probably imagine my excitement to use it right away... so I did this look, mmm it's actually not a look, but just a quick makeup that I wore to my friend's 30th birthday celebration, where I used items that I can find within reach... LOL

since this was taken a couple of weeks ago (December 5th to be exact), I will list the products as much as I can remember...


Make Up For Ever HD foundation - #123
Bobbi Brown corrector - Light Bisque (under eye)
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural - Medium
Benefit Hoola (bronzer)
blush - ?? MAC Peachykeen maybe?!?
Evian facial spray

no primer!! I was in a hurry...
Wet n Wild color icon e/s palette - Pride (used only the matte blue & green)
no highlight!! again... I was in a hurry...
MAC fluidline - Blacktrack
Stila kajal e/l pencil - Topaz (bottom waterline)
E.L.F. eyebrow kit - Dark

no lipbalm!!! did I mention I was in a hurry???
MAC lipstick - Angel

here are the lip swatches in different lighting (please excuse the chapped lips... again, I didn't have much time so I wasn't able to moisturize let alone exfoliate... focus on the color girls!! LOL)

no flash

with flash 

the following is a result of picture overkill, if that's something you're not fond of, please move on to the next blog... =) otherwise, enjoy!

notice what else is missing?? if you can guess what other product I completely forgot, I'll give you a prize...... I'm just messin, we'll save the prize for the giveaway! **wink**

have you ever forgotten about a certain makeup product or anything you purchased that you never thought you would ever forget?!? what was it?! I'd love to hear about your story hoping that I'm not the only one who has amnesia.... LOL


  1. i love angel! in fact, it's nearing the top of my christmas wishlist! x

  2. beautiful look! i love the eyeshadow!

  3. ooh love the gorgeous smokey blue!

    <3 angie

  4. love this look, especially the eyes xx

  5. You forgot mascara! Do I win the prize? :)
    Still looks great tho!

  6. so fun to discover lost products. i love your eyes in those picture. the colour is amazing


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