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Sunday, December 19, 2010


yay!!! my giveaway goodies from Marie a la Mode came!!!! I got it last Wednesday, the 15th, I just didn't get the chance to post it right away as I was too busy with my kids' Holiday events at school..... but now that everybody's on winter break, it's time to relax, & when I say relax it means, blog & play with makeup & all things girly!! LOL

anyhoo, I didn't get to take pictures of all the stuff together... but here is the original giveaway picture from her blog...
& this is exactly what I got! =) looooove it!!!

here are pictures of everything I received from winning Marie's giveaway.....

they were in this purple organza bag....

first off,

Sephora by O.P.I. n/p set

at first I didn't know what colors were included in this set, but when I looked, I realized it includes the one that I've been wanting to get from Sephora - the Metro Chic!!! ooohh... I almost died!!! I was the happiest girl! you shoulda seen me.... LOL

Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin
I'm also excited about this product because it's something that I've been curious about but never tried before.... I've heard a lot of raves about it but I dunno why I never thought of getting it.... 

Sephora mascara
I don't own any Sephora mascaras yet, so I was happy to get this as well...

MAC Plink! lipstick
I don't think you could ever go wrong with any MAC lipstick... whatever shade it is, you can be sure that the person you're giving it to, will def love it... especially this one that is in most "Top 5 favorite lipsticks" videos...

gorgeous!!! it seems like it would resemble Angel though... but who cares?!? I'm still stoked that I got it!

Calypso Cuties Sugar Baby
deluxe lip gloss in Tahitian Tango

I haven't heard of this brand before... maybe it's Canadian?? not sure!
cute eh?!?
(how do you like my Canadian 'eh'?? LOL.. I love it when people say that by the way)

this stuff smells good, it actually smells like my Aquolina Pink Sugar hair perfume.... I'm pretty sure it would taste yum too, I mean what sugar doesn't taste good??

& finally....

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

need I say more?!? I mean, I literally heard angels sing when I opened this baby.... 

just look at the colors!!!

no flash

the packaging is also oh so gorgeous!

the details are made of embossed felt material & a foil that's seemed to be embedded on the cardboard packaging... 
when it's laying flat, you see that the foil material looks like a shiny silver print & the felt fabric is a dark purple

but when you look at it in an angle, the colors switches to the other way around... the foil becomes a darker purple & the felt material turns into a lighter shade of purple.... ain't that crazy???

same goes with the back side of the packaging....

here's the detail of the front side....

& of course the cardboard that shows all the shades included in powder form just like any other UD palettes...

this is honestly another item that I've been interested in ever since I started blogging, but being the practical girl that I am, I was reluctant to get it coz of the limited colors included in the palette... but I guess me & Ammo are just meant to be together!! LOL

***sigh** I'm inlove!!! 

this is like the best set of prizes for me... like honestly, I couldn't ask for more... =).. everything is just perfect!

Marie also included this note in this cute card...

I love personalized notes! I think it's very sincere & thoughtful!...

I wanna say thank you sooooo much again to Marie for this awesome giveaway!!! I loved everything I got!! I am one lucky girl!!! you have no idea how happy you made me, ok that sounded kinda creepy but for real though, I am one happy girl!!

I can't wait to play with these goodies! hmmm... I wonder what I should try out first!?!


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