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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


TARA from Beneath the Sun is having another giveaway... I've always been so curious about the Essence brand nail polishes, but I'm not sure if this brand is even available in the U.S., if they are I don't know where I can find them... so I thought I'd join another giveaway! hahaha... I'm just totally going thru a giveaway phase... I guess I'm just preparing for my own... I dunno!

anyhoo... click HERE for details & to join her giveaway.... ending August 7th....


  1. apparently you can find essence products are ULTA now! i haven't checked it out personally yet but i will eventually! hope this helps!

  2. really?? cool!! I've always seen great colors by Essence but wasn't sure if we have 'em available here... thanks for the FYI! =)


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