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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


everyone's getting crazy about the new line Wet n Wild came out with - Color Icon & their lippies... so when Walgreen's had a bogo 50% off sale on all Wet n Wild products, I was there, 2 times, heck I think it was even 4!! who won't be crazy about this brand?? they are dirt cheap!!! then add a sale to the already cheap prices?! ooh I was all over that!!

here are the stuff I got...

Just Peachy l/s & Heather Silk Color Icon blusher
both of these items have been raved about by a lot of makeup gurus on youtube & beauty bloggers as well... I love their l/s, so far, I only have Think Pink... I was plannin on adding Bare It All & Mauve Outta Here to my collection but they are always out of stock.... can you belive that?! everytime I go, they've already run out... ***sighs** guess I just have to wait til next sale..

Mega Liner liquid liner
862 Blue & 863 Turquoise

Mega Eyes creme e/l 886 Black
Ultimate Brow Kit C963 Ash Brown

Color Icon e/s palettes
(from L-R)
Lust, Greed, Vanity, Pride
(click on the photo to enlarge)
the first palette I got was the Pride one.. I was amazed by the quality of that palette... the colors were very pigmented.. I just had to have the whole set.... I bought another Pride palette to complete a pair up for the bogo 50% off.. I'm just gonna have to include this on the giveaway or the swap... we shall see...

again like I mentioned in my last haul post, I did not swatch most of the items coz of a giveaway & swap in the works.... I wasn't sure what I'm gonna keep & what I'm givin away yet, so the only items I swatched are the ones I'm def keeping for my self...


  1. Great haul! These are very cheap but I'm not sure about pigmentation since I haven't used them yet. Looking forward to reviews of the ones you'll be keeping.

  2. yay for wet n wild :D i love those palettes! they are my go-to eyeshadows now. i just need pride and i might consider greed

    next time i see a cvs, i'm going to go crazy hahaha :D i also really like the turquoise liner. seems like i'll have to get that too :3

  3. Enjoyed looking at your makeup hauls. Wet n Wild really is dirt cheap and it's nice that they have good stuffs. I like your think pink lipstick and palettes:-)

  4. Hmm...those liners look pretty damn good...must...not...cave...okay, I'm heading over there tomorrow, stat!

  5. Awesome haul and I LOVE THE SONG ON YOU BLOG :D xxxx

  6. How moist are the lipsticks? I have think pink too but it's a little too dry (probably because it's so opaque).... haven't tried anything else yet.

    Please let me know. Thanks.

  7. this is an awesome haul..wetnwild hasnt let me down so far...they always have awesome colors...the only palette i dont have is the blues and greens ...let me know how u like it :D

  8. I love that you use a lot of drug store brands in your FOTD. It's nice to see some options that aren't gonna break the bank!

  9. are the lipsticks moisturizing? Please check out my blog!

  10. @ Emily D - unfortunately the WnW lippies are not moisturizing at all.. infact they could be drying your lips... I find my lips a little cracked later during the day... but they're not that bad.... nothing a Rose Salve or lip balm can't fix... =) I still love them...

    btw, thanks for followin my blog! I will def check out your blog...


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