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Thursday, July 8, 2010


out of boredom, I created this EOTD today...


MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Wet n Wild Color Icon e/s - Lagoon
MAC e/s - Handwritten
MAC e/s - Nylon
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
CoverGirl LashBlast - Very Black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto - Soft Black
Wet n Wild Kohl Brow - Dark Brown

I was just bored but I was lazy too, so I only did my eyes...

no face makeup whatsoever except for a tinted moisturizer (CoverGirl CG Smoothers SPF15 Tinted Moisture in light to medium)... so you are so lucky, you get to see my almost-bare-face today!
that's no concealing no blemishes for you...

heck! I didn't even fix my hair....

ooOoo my chubby cheeks need contouring... 

& what the heck is that white patch right above my right eye?!?! hahahaha...

just thought it would be fun to do this.....
can you tell how bored I was??? hahaha...

but yeah, just thought I'd mention...

I reached 200 followers!!!!!!
thank you soooo much my loves!!
I appreciate y'all sooo mucho!!

& to express my gratitude, a giveaway is in the works... I know, I know! I've already mentioned a giveaway when I hit 150, but June was just a busy month for me to even do anything... it was my man's birthday, our anniversary, father's day & not to mention my in-laws visited in two separate weekends in June... also, I have started looking for a job just recently... so you can probably imagine how hectic the past month was for me... so forgive me & I hope that what I have in store for you is enough to make it up to you all....


  1. you do shadows so well! :) congrats on 200+ !

  2. I usually don't like blue eyeshadow, but you make it look so good! I love that this is a cut-crease and winged liner all in one look.

    And bout my post- your rite! I meant july 1st** lol fuck yea for hott filipinas!

  3. Congrats on reaching 200. You look gorgeous with just tinted moisturizer on! Very nice FOTD.

  4. i love this look I did this look a few days ago but only uploaded the pics to my myspace..I did mine using a hip duo i recently bought :D

  5. Lovely look - thanks for following me :). Please could do a post with pics of your hair?? would be good to see the back and side - I want my hair cutting soon and like the shape of yours.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on the followers. Well deserved xx

  7. WOW! love this EOTD on you, makes your eyes look amazing.

  8. nice colour combination, like it.

  9. so pretty must try! come follow me xoxo

  10. Oohhh I love your eotd!! Love all the colors and how you blend it :)   ♥ 

  11. this is very pretty. u just inspired me to play with blue e/s

    p.s. you don't have chubby cheeks :)


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