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Friday, July 16, 2010


I had my very first manicure client today.... (well with the exception of my Mom) - Kaytlee, a pretty little girl that's really close to the family... her Mom often asks my Mom to watch her while she's at work... she's the same age as Devean (my eldest) so they get along really well...
(I had to blur out her face as I did not ask her Mom for permission yet...) 

I was actually in the room doin my nails when she walked in & saw me.. so of course, being a girly girl that she is, she excitedly invited herself to watch what I was doin.... I asked her if she wanted me to paint her nails, she nodded with a big grin on her face... I was so excited!!! I even had her pick the color... when she saw all my nail polishes.. she was like "whoah!! why do you have so much? my Mommy have like 7!!" in amazement!!! hahaha... she's too cute! it was so much fun picking colors with her... she put all the pinks together, all the blues, the greens..... & then asked me "why do you have to have a lot of pinks, & a lot of blues, & a lot of greens??".. I just said "you'll understand why when you get older!" not knowing how to explain it to her.... LOL

anyhoo, she picked Wet n Wild's MORBID.... which was a total shock coz that is the color I already picked for my self!!! like honest to G!!! it was soooo crazy!! I swear we were havin a girl bonding moment... & this is why I want to have a daughter soooo bad! =(

(that's her in the back while waiting patiently for her nails to dry)

with mine, I planned to do matte this time.. so to change her's up, I decided to add the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on top.... then I used Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat...

& for my NOTW:


Products Used:
Seche Base Ridge Filling base coat
Wet n Wild nail color Morbid
Essie Matte About You

applied one coat of Seche Base

applied first coat of Morbid

applied second coat of Morbid

applied first coat of Matte About You

after second coat of Matte About you & after a little clean up

the final result

I like how it's matte but didn't lose the glittery look of the nail polish.... maybe next time I'll try a polish with a solid color....


  1. She has cuter nails than me! Haha adorable!

  2. wow i cant believe that matte about you polish works like that,
    it makes everything completely

    this will be in my future purchases
    hehe. xD

  3. I never knew you could make nail color matte! How cool!!!

    Please enter my Giveaway when you get a chance!

  4. i am soooo soooo jealous u were able to cop the hidden treasure!! WAAH, ive been searching foreevverr. I love the matte one and im glad that one i was able to get. I would go insane if I didnt have one of the two.

    XOXO, P

  5. You are totally rocking the matte polish. I didn't think matte could be that chic. Very nice!

  6. wow these matt nails look super cool =D

    i really want to try them out

    thx for the post =)

  7. Whoa..I did not know "matte"ing nail polishes existed. The original shiny teal green is not my style, but after a swipe of the Matte polish I am in love. Thanks for sharing!


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