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Friday, October 23, 2009


just wanted to post my experience with Stephanie of DSK Jewelry... we've been emailing each other since last night because I wanted to add some more stuff to my order.... I decided after placing the order yesterday that I really wanted a pink pendant to go with my jet black heart so I can change it up with the titanic charm.... & I also really want the DSK's Triple Heart Necklace & the Vampiress & the Medium Fuchsia Heart & all of her pieces... ahhhh.... so I decided to bug her, & when I said bug, I mean really bugged the heck outta her... I emailed her with all my demanding requests... LOL... I swear I've never emailed someone in my life that much in the span of 24 hours... LOL... but Stephanie is awesome! she was so patient & accommodating to me... she tried to work with me as much as she can... her customer service skills is A plus!!

but unfortunately, the Triple Heart & the Medium Fuchsia Heart are both sold out & will not be available until maybe November... so I did some thinking & decided to buy just the pendants so I can try to customize the pieces that I already bought into different other designs... so I purchased the Swarovski Amethyst Medium Heart on a silver leaf bail(same purplish heart charm on the That's Hott Pegasus Necklace) & the Swarovski Siam Red Small Heart also on a silver leaf bail(like the one on the Vampiress piece)... so with the jet black heart & the red siam I can recreate the Vampiress necklace... then the titanic & the amethyst can kinda look like the Bubbi necklace, not exactly but same idea... and other different pieces... I'll mix them up & take pictures as soon as I get them in the mail... that's what I love about her pieces you can mix em up & create your own version... I love DSK!!!

oh & while I was browsing thru her site last night, I found some more pieces to add to my wish list.... here they are....
oh shit! I think I'm hooked!!

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