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Saturday, October 10, 2009


dang! I haven't been up on this b!tc# in a minute.... I've just been so busy with a lot of stuff... I would love to update you but I already had that lined up on the posts that I have saved, just pending for editing & posting... so just stay tuned for posts that will just pop out of nowhere...

one update I have to post about though is my 2nd set of circle lenses... I actually got em about 5 days ago, but I wasn't too excited to blog about it or even open it... I was too sick to care at the time... but I finally feel better so here are pictures of my new GEOs in Angel Violets...

why I got Violets is actually a long story... see, the company that I got my first set of circle lenses from -, closed out their store... didn't really give customers any explanation why except for it being a personal issue... it was a bummer for me coz I really loved my first pair so I searched & searched for other sites... but none of 'em actually measured up to what mesmerizedeyes can offer (cheap price + free shipping)... until I found geoeyecandy ... they have the same awesome deal, the only problem is that the girl that's running that online store has stopped selling prescription lenses... but she does have a few prescriptions left in stock... so I checked it out & all she has left for me is the Violets... to make the long story short, I took it coz I freaked out thinking that I wouldn't get any more circle lenses, it seemed like all of the circle lenses stores are going out of business.. so even if I wasn't sure how the Violets would look on me, I still ordered it as if it's the last circle lenses in the world...

haha... enough with the blah blahs... jeez!! I miss just typin away about nonsense stuff... LOL... I have been gone for too long....

anyways, I just wanted to say that I am glad I ordered from geo eye candy coz I was pleased with the service... I mean it took a little while before I got a confirmation email after I ordered it but I understand coz it does state on the site that the girl-Annie, that owns the store is a student... so that's all good... I was pleased with how fast she shipped them to me though... the packaging was good... but I'm mostly impressed with her customer service skills... I mean she really took care of me & all my questions... she made me feel really comfortable with the whole experience... she had also advised me that she MIGHT be selling prescriptions again in the future, but it's still in the works... so, it's definitely something to look forward to coz with my experience with her, I would definitely love to do business with her again...

so definitely check her site out @
pictures to follow soon.....


  1. yes of course :)
    necklace charms colors a bit like my last earrings? or another? only charms or necklaces?
    if you're agree i'll do it for you with pleasure^^
    (sorry for my english haha, if you don't understand something tell me^^)

  2. and thank you for the compliment, so kind :)

  3. sorry again for all my comments ^^
    the pink you would like to have is more amethyst or a pink like this earrings that i fin on the internet =>


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