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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


it was my lil man's first school trip today... they went to the Avila Valley Barn to pick pumpkins, ride the tractor, pick apples & feed the barn animals.... it was fun!! it was cool seeing my son interacting with other kids & just doing cool stuff on his own... without us... **sniff** my baby is growing up... oh darn! next thing you know he's not gonna let me kiss him anymore... **sobs**

here are some of the pics...

"yes Deion I know you like my DSK Bubbi necklace!!..." LOL
Deion feeding the goat...

got a shot of him getting on the bus... his first bus ride...
I even asked the teacher for permission to get on the bus just to take a picture... I am the biggest stage Mom, I know!
we went back to the store coz mother wanted to get some fresh vegetables/fruits & stuff... here is me & Deion camwhorin, or atleast just me... he was so not in the mood for that coz we just woke him up when we got to the barn...

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