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Sunday, September 26, 2010


in my search for a website where I can purchase some O.P.I. nail polishes, specifically the You Don't Know Jacques color, I happened to stumble upon the 8ty8 Beauty Supply website again, a website that I've had a wishlist of all kinds of different nail polishes from.... & because I could not find a decent website, that offers decent price on O.P.I.s, I just decided to satisfy my 8ty8 Beauty drool list that I've been keeping for a while now....

I must say I was very happy with the whole experience with this company... aside from the very cheap prices of the nail polishes, the delivery time was very fast...
  • I placed the order Saturday, September 18th... I received a confirmation email that same day... 
  • given that the order was placed on a weekend, they probably did not start processing the order until Monday, the 20th... (they also informed me that one of the items I ordered was unavailable - China Glaze Midnight Ride, it was a total bummer coz it was one of the few that I really really wanted to get... so I just decided to replace it with the Re-Fresh Mint....)...
  • I received an invoice that same day...
  • got a shipping notification the next day, September 21st..then received this package from the mail on Friday, September 24th...

so the total turnaround time was 5 business days..... that was super fast in my opinion

shipping fee for 9 bottles is $11.00, next break is $13.00 for 10 - 24 bottles....
most of the China Glaze nail polishes are priced at $2.68 per bottle....
$24.12 for all 9 bottles that I ordered + $11.00 S&H = $35.12 altogether....
they didn't charge me any sales tax...
so that means I paid $3.90 for each bottle... which beats Sally Beauty Supply's price of $4.49 + tax for Beauty Club Card holders.... I say that's a helluva good deal!

the items were very carefully packaged....

secured in a plastic bubble wrap...

then placed in CG signature boxes that they even filled with papers to hold the bottles in place...

here are the colors I got....

from L - R



here is an image of the nail polish that I was supposed to get instead of the Re-Fresh Mint... isn't it gorjjjj?!?! I was so disappointed to learn that it wasn't available... so I shall add this on to my drool list... =)


& here are the other ones that I am adding to my drool list... they are also out of these at 8ty8 Beauty... =(



oh yeah & just a teaser, this is how WAGON TRAIL looks like....
**gasp** uh-maazing right?!?

images are stolen from Scrangie's blog, another nail polish blog I loooove... doesn't she have mad n/p application skills??? damn! I wish I can apply my n/p's that nice & neat....

all four of these are included in the Rodeo Diva Collection from Fall of oh-eight! I'm so glad they are still accessible until now... (if you haven't seen this collection, click HERE to see complete swatches at Scrangie's blog)... all colors from this collection are to die for!! doncha think??

thanks for sharing these awesome swatches Scrange! (notice how I called her Scrange?? like Ange is to Angie?? just like how people shorten a close friend's name... LOL... yeah, me & Scrange are tight like that!! hahaha)

as for my own swatches, I would do it as I go with my NOTWs or NOTDs... whenever I feel like wearing whatever color...

and to conclude this purchase, I say I had a very good experience with 8ty8 Beauty Supply company.... the transaction was very smooth... I'm glad I purchased from them & I can confidently say that I will be repurchasing in the future....

have you ordered from this company before??? was your experience pleasant like mine??

what color are you most excited to see me swatch???


  1. I wish I could order for those e-tailers, but their international shipping rates are insane! That order would have cost surely over 50 $ to ship to Canada. Simply insane .

    But I'm glad that you're happy with your purchase! I hope a canada base company like this will open ! Ahah :)

  2. i thought about ordering, but i haven`t. i love browsing that site tho. i can`t wait to see re-fresh mint, V, peachy keen, & grape pop!

  3. I love that store! I have bought over 20 nail polishes from them! The shipping took a while for me but other than that they packaged everything so well! :)

  4. the colors u picked are gorgeous!!

  5. Great haul. Love the colors you got! I was looking at that website and the shipping is what's stopping me from purchasing. We have this wholesale store a little far but worth the drive because they sell china glaze for $2 each.

  6. i've never ordered from them but i think i just might now :) you've created some lemmings!!


  7. Nail paints look gorgeous, i think im gonna go check their website out! x

  8. How do they sell it so cheap? I get nervous buying from companies I have never heard of but I will def check this site out!

  9. you got some really nice colours! i'd love to order from 8ty8, infact i've been eying that place up for a bit, but the shipping is a bit too much in my book! x

  10. i've ordered from them once, and was very satisfied... i dont know if they offer free shipping if you spend like $50 or more, but they should

  11. how cool are the nail polishes u always buy =/
    seriously ,, i envy u <3

  12. I would LOVE to see Grape Pop! You have an awesome blog. New follower :)

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    I love yours!

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  15. I love Grape Pop and Re-Fresh Mint! Two of my favs, I even have a pic of Grape pop with hidden treasure on top on my blog!

  16. gosh, the shipping is so inexpensive but the availability of brand is relatively less than other companies ><
    I gonna get ESSIE and OPI ><

    SUGAR HIGH, PEACHY KEEN, and RE-FRESH MINT look so nice! do a swatch please =D!

  17. omg they are amazing love the grape pop sugar high and fresh mint!
    nice blog xx

  18. hadnt even heard of this company before but after your review I will definitely be giving them a try! I absolutely have to have the re-fresh mint colour. Loving greens at the min and this one looks absolutely beautiful :)

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  22. I have ordered from them before ! But I think awhile ago that site got in trouble (along with some other similar websites selling nail products) for selling OPI so cheap !

  23. I love your blog!
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