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Saturday, September 4, 2010


because I am the most indecisive person in the entire planet, I need help deciding...

to pierce or not to pierce???

I've been wanting to get a piercing so baaaad.... but I've been so scared... I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now, but I still can't make up my mind.... I know I really want it, but I'm uncertain about a few things:
1) what if I end up hatin it?? then that means I would have to live with a hole on my face?? a hole that I don't think any concealer can cover (??)....
2) what if something goes wrong at the tattoo/piercing place??? unsanitized tools?? aids?? disease?? eewww eeww eeeewww...
3) what if I get a person that's fairly new at the job?? oh no!! how would I know??? do I ask?? are they certified?? do they have those plaques that they hang like at the doctor's office??

I know!! I'm a dork but I can't help it... I am so skerrrdddd!!

should I?? or should I not??

next question would be..... labret??? or monroe????

here are a couple of pictures I edited to help me/you decide which one fits me best...

the side labret

the monroe
[excuse this picture... I probably should've made the stud(or whatever you call it) a little larger.. plus I dunno about the placement... I don't have a plaque! I'm not certified!! heh..]

HEEEELLLLPPPPPPP!! watcha think?? yay?? or nay??

I would appreciate any tips or pointers that you're willing to give me.... or if you have face piercings, please leave me a comment including the link where I can see a picture of it... I'd love to see how your's look like.... thanks in advance


  1. 1- i am totally caward ,, i wont risk doing anything on my body ,,

    tho i would die to get my belly pirced and a tatto on my back ,,i just wont ,,

    2- if you want to know which one looks better on you ,, i would say ,, the monroe ,,, soo much better =D

    good luck with deciding ,,

    3- ask people in real life who can recommend a safe very sanitized place that they tried ,, even if it mean paying more money ,, or driving to the next town =)

  2. Okay so i have six piercings. One which is on my face, my nose.
    If you do end up hating it the hole should just close up. The quicker you hate it and take it out, the quicker it will close up.
    Make sure you go somewhere good! It shouldn't cost alot anywhere but if it sounds really cheap its probably because the people doing it aren't very good at their job. Ask around if anyone you know or they know has had it done, where they had it done and if they were good. Tbh, even if somewhere is really good it can still get infected or whatev.. but wont if you clean it properly (with hot salt water or whatever they tell you to use) Okay and if the place is good it wont matter if someones new or not, the shop will only have staff up to standard, they were all new at some point right?
    Oh and i think the side labret suits you better :) hope i helped! xxx

  3. i have my side labret and it didnt hurt at all it was done so quick and fast and if you get it and dont like it within the first month and you take it out yo wont even see where the hole was. just do it.. u only live once!

  4. You could definitely pull off either piercing! I think you should do it!

  5. Definitely Monroe!!!... Looks nice. I have the side labret and when not in I have the hole but not big. I mean is there, but not bad. U should try it!

  6. I like the monroe on you a lot. But when you get it, you should get what ever you love. :)

    And theres nothing wrong with thinking that stuff! :P Its actually good to think about things like that but just don't over think it too much. Your safest bet would be to ask around and talk to people who have had piercings that live near you. Find out who did their piercing (if they liked the person) and then you can phone the place and book an appointment with her or him. :)

    As for cleanliness, again, you'll need to ask people about they're past experiences. Oh, and you can always go down to the piercing shop and ask them if it will heal or not if you don't like it. :)

    You never know, maybe when you get closer to getting it, it might help you desire whether or not you want it. :D

    Also haha you could photoshop the piercing in more photos for yourself so you get an even better idea.

  7. I think that the monroe would look darling! It to me looks alot more natural on you then the side labret. I personally have a left eyebrow ring. Had it since I was 17 lol. I have been also thinking about changing up what I like with the nose or the side labret myself. I want it but I always think about the negatives to much. Remember some work places wont allow these types as well. Hope I helped!

  8. I like the upper lip look on you although I'm a fan of the bottom look piercing.

    I had my eyebrows pierce back when I was 16 and I have a scar under my eyebrows that's not going away. So just be careful and take good care of it. It's normal to feel scared.

  9. I'm not sure really. it all depends on what you really want.

    I say the monroe looks better :)

    good luck!

  10. i like the monroe a lot better but i'm way too scared to get my face pierced o_O plus, i think in a few years it'd be really inappropriate for my workplace. always thinking ahead :D i love ear piercings though - i'm going to go back for moreeee

  11. I've had a side labret for around 2 years and now I have removed it out of boredom, but yes, I do have a small hole. It's not that noticeable, but if you know you won't be able to live with it, don't do it. That's all I can say! Oh and it doesn't hurt that bad really!

  12. I say nay but I am such a chicken I don't even have my ears pierced and I wince everytime I pluck my eyebrows... I am sure you can pull it off though! Besides isn't it eyebrow piercings which scar the most? Awesome blog and good luck with the maybe piercing x

  13. Definitely : the Monroe on you! ;)

    I'm new on Blogspot, but i'm open for every opinion!! ;)
    Fashion lover ? Maybe you're gonna like my blog.
    See ya ?

  14. hi im new to ur blog! I love it too! I think above the lip is pretty! Iono i would be afraid it hurts! i would get my nose done though if it were me.


  15. personally, i don't think i would ever get piercings aside from the ones i have on my ears. i have friends though that have nose piercings, and they like it. hope that helped even just a bit. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  16. Hey Hun :)
    You're so funny babe. You know what, if you want to do the piercing like Gaby said, just make sure you're okay if the skin doesn't heal completely.
    Like for example, do you have any ear piercings that have healed up? See, I have several ear piercings that got infected or the earring fell out overnight and the hole/wound closed up. I'm happy to say that my ear piercings have healed very well.. So that's one way to tell how well your skin will heal if you decide to remove the piercing later.
    I have two body piercings and I've had them for probably 10 years now. I don't regret them and don't mind a small scar anyways...I have small scars from other things like falling down etc. It's up to you Hun!
    In terms of hygiene though, make sure you go to a reputable parlour and you should never ever have to worry about used needles. Make sure they open the sealed needle in front of you. It's just like getting my annual physical/blood doesn't stop me from going because I don't think about getting AIDS from used needles - I see them open the sealed needle.
    I personally love the monroe more. When I got my first body piercing the lady before me got a monroe and said it was a piece of cake in terms of pain :)

  17. I love piercings (although I dont have many of my own) so yay to facial piercings!

    Jennifer & Sherry

  18. love your make up and nice blog:)


  19. the piercing hole will definately dissapear for less than a year if u stop wearing the piercing acc.

  20. i'd say nay just because the idea of a facial pericing scares me lol. but if you really want one, both of the pictures look great and you could honestly pull off either one!

  21. i'd say nay just because the idea of a facial pericing scares me lol. but if you really want one, both of the pictures look great and you could honestly pull off either one!

  22. i'd say nay just because the idea of a facial pericing scares me lol. but if you really want one, both of the pictures look great and you could honestly pull off either one!

  23. I have a monroe and my nose piereced. For me neither hurt, more like a pinch that made my eyes water.

    I love both of my piercings and never had any problems, but I made sure I got the smallest size possible just for work and everything!

    you can see pics on my blog

  24. I had my belly button pierced and that didn't go very well, it left me a huge scar! so no for me for facial piercing. though I've always wanted to get one on my tongue :D

  25. Go for it!! Loving your blog a LOT x

  26. Hi! :) Because I love your blog, I gave you the Sunshine award on my blog! You might want to come, take a look and pass the award :)


    And by the way, I like facial piercing, I think it is really beautiful :D

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