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Friday, September 24, 2010


Rite-Aid is havin a BOGO free on all their NYC makeup products.... & of course I had to get atleast a few just to enjoy the sale...

here are the items I picked up...

Love Letters X2
I already own this & fell inlove with it as soon as I tried it on.... I first saw this in DEEZ NAILZ' blog, one of my most favorite nail polish blogs.... I borrowed an image of when she swatched Love Letters on top of a Sinful Colors nail polish on THIS POST...  
isn't it gorgeous??? I love Deez Nailz' blog, she does an amazing nail polish application, makes a lot of cool Frankens & swatches different nail polishes, old & new... go check her out, I'm pretty sure you'll love her blog too...

anyhoo, because I like it so much, I got 2 more to include on the prizes(that I've been hoarding for a while now) for my giveaway.... **wink**

Purple Pizzazz - Frost (L)
Skin Tight Denim - Creme (R)

Blushable Creme Stick X2
Plaza Pink (L)
Big Apple Blush (R)
I might also pick up the Pink Flash & Wild Berry shades...

have you gone to Rite-Aid this week yet??? what did you get from the sale??


  1. i wish we had a rite-aid in San Antonio....they always seem to have great sales...I love the n/p u got...I have those two blushes and are so pretty!!!

  2. I'll have to try Love Letters. Will you do swatches of Purple Pizzazz?
    I absolutely adore the Plaza Pink creme blush, I use it and then I put a powder blush over it.


  3. Wow, Love Letters looks stunning!

  4. I love those blush sticks. I hope they come out with more colours soon.

  5. ooh i have those blushes and i love them! that nail polish is so pretty too, i love nyc polishes :)

  6. i have one of the NYC cream blush and i love it :D

  7. Your so sweet!

    Isn't that NYC polish fabulous? I cannot believe no one else had really modeled it on the interwebz before I found it! And I am in Canada, these aren't available in Canada anymore.... I am glad I bought it.

  8. I have the NYC Plaza Pink blush stick and LOVE it! I wear it under Milani Luminous powder blush...such a beautiful combo!


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