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Friday, September 3, 2010


the one thing I'm majorly droolin over for a while now is something that needs major major (Venus Raj style.. LOL) savin up......

have you ever seen anybody wearing this?? ugghhh... I would die if I see somebody wearing this, or worse yet, I would probably steal it from them... by cutting their ring finger!! mwahahahahaha... that's how bad I want this ring...

have you checked out The Current Custom website?? if you don't wanna drool, then don't click HERE... otherwise, click it!!!! LOL

they have a lot of cool stuff I've been droolin over for quite some time now... here are some pictures of the things I wanna get.... if I can! =(
click HERE to view their Disc collection

click HERE to view their Link Chain necklaces

click HERE to view their Love collection

click HERE to view their entire SYDNEY EVAN Jewelries

I love jewelries, but never have I imagined ever spending so much on a piece until I laid eyes on the 'love' ring.... **sigh*** oh when are you gonna be mine???? 

love love love love love..... I'm inlove with the 'love' ring... uhmmm... so if anybody's interested to make a donation towards the "A Daily Dose of Kaartehan 'love' ring foundation"... let me know... LOL

what are your major lemmings lately??? 


  1. oh my goodness! And i LOVE the necklace... :( i cannot bring myself to get it though!! If i ever find something just like that ring but cheaper (if you still haven't bought it) i will tell you right away!! <3

  2. I feel the same way! I have looked through the website before and wanted almost everything. I really like the ring and the necklace! I think I'd go for the necklace since it's what I have less of. But I don't think I am willing to spend all that at the moment!

  3. That is a cute jewelry line. Post pictures of it when you make your purchase so we can all get jealous.

  4. oohhh those looks super duper pretty :) i want them now toO! hahahaha

  5. the chain necklace is amazing ,, i love mine to death <3

    i want to get something for my birthday ,, cuz
    1- i love jewelry ,,
    2- extra parents money to spend ! haha

    but i had shipping issues =( boo lorrain didnt handle it right ,, and customer service was also slow =(
    it took 1 month and a half for the freaking thing to arrive ,,

    whatever happened to DHL and Fedex over night shipments ??

    i dont know ,, and she also need to fix the contact us on the website ,, and add more shipping options .

    other than that ,, everything is gorgeous <3

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  7. I love it! If you look on the Sydney Evan site they have a bunch of other words in necklaces and earrings too! Their site is the cutest ever.


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