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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


my 2nd package from eBay came today... instead of being excited, I realized I'm getting kinda tired of these nail polishes.. I feel like it's overkill!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna wear 'em, it's just that I overdid it these past few weeks & now I'm like 'BLAH' about it... I don't blame ya if you feel the same way, but hopefully not, coz whether ya like it or not, I am still gonna blog about it... who said I'm getting tired of bloggin??? =)

so here it is...
I was pretty pleased about the packaging... now I understand that the sellers are just using whatever box they have available & putting in nail polishes with random brands...

I got 3 China Glaze n/p's

2 essie n/p's

& 1 O.P.I. n/p

I just thought I'd have fun with all the pink polishes I have so...

here is the order
index finger: China Glaze - Shocking Pink (Neon)
middle finger: essie - Fiesta
ring finger: N.Y.C. - Fuchsia Shock Creme
pinkie finger: Orly - Basket Case

1 coat
2 coats
with top coat

then just wanted to try the grays....

on the left side: China Glaze - Recycle
on the right side: Essie - Chinchilly

so far, my favorite on is the Essie Chinchilly & the O.P.I. Lincoln Park After Dark... can't wait to wear these shades one of these days... 


  1. lovely nail polishes (; i get what you mean by being "blah" about it hehe ^-^ a girl gotta be in the mood to be all happy about it!

  2. Oh, i am loving the grey nail polishes. :)

  3. I LOVE those china glaze colours! look amazing! <3


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