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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


since I made some moolah off of some stuff I sold on eBay, I decided to treat my self to a little shoe haul... I think I deserve it, I have not been spending any money on makeup or clothes or anything for my self for almost 2 months now...  so I think it's about time I give my self a little reward for doing so good...

so, I've been eyein on a few cute items at but managed to narrow it down to only 3 items... I ended up with these at checkout.... & I just wanna say, PayPal is ahhhsum!!!! LOL
for all 3 items, I paid only $60+... their stuff are so inexpensive.... plus if you purchase $50 or more you can enjoy their free shipping promo... I think it's a great great deal!! 3 great looking shoes for <$70?! no shipping?!? I say heck ya!!

& these are on my 'DROOL LIST'...
I gotta hold off on the clothes, I decided to wait until I'm done with the workout program.... hoping that I'd lose some weight/fats.... the thought of buying a lot of cute clothes will be my driving force to keep going on the P90X program.... wish me luck!!

BTW, we are on week 3 & still going.... =)


  1. I wish I could walk in heels! I suck lol

    Everything you picked out is so cute! I hope you're having a great weekend : )

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    Thank you

    Erica -


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