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Saturday, February 6, 2010


fake eyelash collection

this is where I stash them in... just temporarily until I find something cuter... LOL

it's starting to fill up so I might have to put 'em in those cute photo boxes from a craft store

RED CHERRY LASHES + 2 BLISS ones which are the exact same thing, just a different name

ARDELL LASHES... still on my wish list for this brand are the BABIES... so far, I've only used the WISPIES(bottom right) 

REVLON Fantasy Lengths - Intensifying(top) & Flirty(bottom)
SELECT LASH (from the .99 cent store)
E.L.F. - Natural(top) & Dramatic(bottom) - love these!!!
& my one & only NYX LASH - #115  

& a bunch of China ones from sissy... =) she's not really into makeup so she doesn't really know what to send me... but she just threw this in the package she sent me last year... 

& this is the most recent one I've purchased... I got it for $2.29(including S&H)... 10 pairs of long cross falsies
up close

sorry, no MAC in this collection... since I usually wear them only once or twice, I feel that it's not very practical to buy an expensive one... plus remember, I'm a cheapie?? what I can't wait to get my hands on are the Shisem lashes.... any suggestions where I can buy them the cheapest???  


  1. i can get my hands on shisem if you want... :)

  2. wow! thats a lot! I wanted that box with 10 pairs I keep searching on local ebay but I failed... Love your collection girl I'm jealous hahaha!

  3. @ Stephanie - really? for how much?? heehee =)

    @ Gracie - thanks! the box of 10 are the closest I can get to the Shisem #11.. I like the crisscross kind... =)

  4. I can't believe you have that much lashes! I only have one pair in my entire life, the one I used for my wedding. Hahah. And I don't even know how to use it again.

  5. Awwwww nice eyelash collections!
    I also orered those eyelash from hk. lol.. They are sooo cheappp but mehhh oh well LOl..I'm loving your blog background!<3 You're prettyy

  6. Hi annette, wow... what a great stash of eyelashes. I adore eyelashes too and those red cherry eyelashes are so cute =)

    Thanks for stopping by and just followed your great blog



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