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Friday, February 12, 2010


around April of last year, my cousin Happy wanted to take pictures prior to having her Dentist take her braces off... so she had asked me to do her makeup for the shoot... & here are the pictures....

I told her I was gonna put these up on my blog but totally forgot about it... so here it is finally after almost a year.... sorry H! 

isn't she GAHWJUS!?!?!
I can't quite remember the products I used on her... all I can recall was that I used:
Bare Minerals foundation - Medium Beige
Caudalie Beauty Elixir
(99 % sure) NARS Blush - Orgasm
Revlon cream shadow - Moonlit Jewels (used the green one as base)
Wet n Wild - Sensual Sage e/s
MAC - Mink & Sable e/s
MAC - Carbon e/s
L'Oreal H.I.P. cream e/l - Black

I remembered that she didn't let me touch her eyebrows...

I remembered that I didn't need to contour her cheeks coz she already has hollow cheeks... biatch!! haha

I remembered that I enjoyed doing her makeup, she has such a smooth skin... again, biatch!! LOL

I remembered I had to work fast coz she was running late... her appointment with Jeff was at 6 & she didn't tell me about it til like around 5... so we had to do her hair & makeup really quickly... not too bad for a rushed makeup huh?!!?.. LOL

these pictures were taken by Jeff a.k.a. 'KUYA JEP' ('kuya' is a Tagalog word meaning brother/older brother or respected older male figure.... 'Jep' instead of Jeff because most Filipinos have this confusion between the letters P & F and B & V.. where some tend to mispronounce words with these letters... i.e. spoon & pork...).. Jeff is her bestfriend's husband... he's a great photographer... click on the links to see his awesome work....

and click here for the link to his post on my cousins pictorial...

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