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Monday, June 14, 2010


I have totally forgotten about this one.. just like how I forgot to post the Petals & Peacocks entry... signs of old age?!?! yikes!! how scary!!

so yeah, just a quick post to show you a lipstick loot from a week or two ago....

DRESSMAKER DRESSMAKER lipstick from the Prêt-à-Papier Collection by MAC... pkkonounced as 'pkkkrhhet ahh papiyerkkkhhhhh'... hahaha... I love trying to say that coz everytime I do, I know I am doin such a horrible job.... I love the French language, it sounds so nice... so sophistiqué!! I don't think I'll ever learn how to speak it though...

anyhoo... here are the pictures... 
this is a pretty soft coral color... perfect for the summer.... this lipstick has a LUSTRE finish which means your lips will look & feel smooth, soft and moist.... this lipstick also offers a sheer wet-look finish which I love coz it only means, no gloss nécessaire!!!

again, I almost missed this lipstick... mind you, I went back to the Macy's MAC counter a couple of times until I finally decided to purchase this one... there were like 3 left when I bought it.... whew!!!

I was also gonna get C-Thru & Fold and Tuck Tinted Lipglass, I tried the Fold and Tuck on top of the Dressmaker Dressmaker l/s but it was too shimmery for me... so I passed on that.... C-Thru, which has been on my 'drool list' for a while now, was also a flop... it feels too sticky & too thick on my lips... so I said no to that as well....

the other item I was also interested in was the Instant Chic Powder Blush but it was sold out!! thank G! coz it's another blush I probably won't need anyhow... so, that was actually a relief!

did you guys get your self this lippie?? how do you like it???


  1. not nosey at all :D ! that lippie is so pretty. can you believe i don't own a single mac product? yeah - pretty sad huh?

    i got that mini tripod at best buy for $22. i think it's a good investment!

  2. Wowee I love soft pretty colors! Thanks for this post, it makes me itch to go check out one just by looking at your pictures:-)

  3. I have this and love it, wearing it right now!

  4. lip colors from the pret a papier are all pretty. i have the made to order though. im sure dressmaker will look pretty on you

  5. LOL - sometimes I feel the same way when a certain makeup item sells out. I'm like, thank goodness!! I have waaaay too much because I'm not even using half my stuff regularly enough :\
    That's a pretty colour - Dressmaker Dressmaker. Have you tried Underage lipglass? That's my favourite lipglass from MAC :)
    And yeah I highly recommend the water floss esp if you don't enjoy flossing with regular dental floss

  6. pretttyy color!! Im LOL-ing about ur comment about the french pronounciation of the mac collection Its such a romantic language,no?

    xoxo, P

  7. Wow that is a pretty colour looks great against your skin tone.First time I have come across your blog, its great! Truly! All the best. <3 Keep in touch KimboxKimboxKimbox

  8. Pretty! I just bought Ravishing, so I don't know if I should be getting this lippie. Tempting though!!

    The only thing I bought after going back multiple times to stare at the collection was the Coral Crepe paint pot! I saw swatches and I really was indecisive about getting it. Finally did. :D


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