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Friday, June 18, 2010


this summer,  is all about CORALS when it comes to makeup... everywhere I look, I see Coral colored everything... & for some reason, I've been likin the look of neon corals.... I dunno what it is, but this weird bright lip color look seem to attract me... although I've been wanting to get me one neon coral lip color, I haven't really gone out to look for it...

but yesterday, (while my mom was at the Filipino store, I decided to check out the beauty supply store next door... they carry O.P.I. n/p's so I thought I'd see if I'll find something I'll like) guess what I found??!? the perfect neon coral lipstick!!!! & two other things coral!

here is my loot of the day:

got these 2 uber cheap lippies... they are $2.59 + tax/each

I'm not very fond of the Rachel Perry packaging, but I do like the Beautiful Image one... it's very simple & chic!

here are the lippies side by side
Rachel Perry - Painted Desert Peach (left)
Beautiful Image - Spontaneous (right)
when I swatched the Spontaneous at the store, I was like, "dressmaker, dressmaker?!? ISTHATCHU??" LOL.... they look so identical!!!

see for your self on these swatches

and here they are next to each other
Beautiful Image - Spontaneous (left)
MAC - Dressmaker, Dressmaker (right)
isn't it crazy how they look so much alike???? it would've been the perfect dupe only if this brand is accessible to everybody...

on the other hand, based on swatches I've seen from different blogs, the Painted Desert Peach would be a good dupe for either the
YSL Rouge Pur lipstick 52 Rosy Coral
or the
Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick 187 Genial

I also got the O.P.I. You're Such A Kabuki Queen... I didn't really think this n/p is a coral shade when I was at the store.. but when I painted it on my nails it looks coral with a rosy tint to it.... this one is on sale for $6.95 + tax....

swatched, one coat

did anybody see the game 7 for Lakers & Celtics last night?? OMG!!! wasn't it the most exciting basketball game ever!?! the game was hella close!! I was screaming my lungs out the whole 4th quarter!! hahaha... I am so glad the Lakers won!!!! my Lakers inspired look was a lucky charm... LOL

yesterday, my summer officially started as my son's last day of school was last Wednesday! yay!! break from all the school drama for a bit.... time for some hot summer vacation! 

what are your plans this summer?? goin anywhere special???

happy summer everyone!!


  1. Pretty!! I am obsessed with coral right now! :) Wasn't the last quarter of the game intense?! I was cheering for the Celtics but i still thought it was still a good game!

  2. Wow the similarity of dressmaker and spontaneous is so amazing! Now if only I can get hold of that lipstick! Tsk...tsk...:-(

  3. i've been really tempted to try coral lipsticks. they look so pretty!

  4. I am beyond obsessed with corals/peaches right now! I love Dressmaker Dressmaker... I'm kicking myself for not getting a back up!


  5. Yes!! Coral is the in color this year for spring/summer. I'm not sure what I'm doing this summer yet but I really want to go to Disneyworld =)

  6. Those lipsticks are gorgeous. I love corals.

  7. I totally agree, coral is in right now! Coral and nude are the summer's colors and I love them both!

  8. Wow i absolutely love the coral tones! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!! I have to get some :(

    Your blog is amazing, definitely following you! ♥

  9. hey hun, im having a huge makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out ;)

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  11. Super pretty colors, and I love the swatches, they're so perfectly straight on your arm .. looks like a nice peice of art to me ! =)

  12. Thanks for your long comment, and for actually reading my post! hehe. I know it was a long story haha, but I appreciated hearing what you had to say.

  13. Very pretty corals! Great blog too! xoxo

  14. Pretty lippies and I love that polish color. SO perfect for the summer. :) is drssmaker, dressmaker l/e?

    xo, Diana

  15. I love corals, they just don't work on my complexion that well. The nailpolish looks so smooth. :)


  16. i'm in love with corals!
    the nailpolish and lipsticks are lovely<3

  17. I am also in love with corals...I don't own any but I know they look great against asian skin tones. Shucks that the lippie is from the Fillipino store! I love seeing MAC dressmaker dressmaker on bloggers but I don't want to pay the price!


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