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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


on September 16, the four of us went to Devean's school for his first assessment... it was the coolest thing to see your kid answer all the questions the teacher throws at him... he knows all of his letters, shapes & he can count to past a hundred which is more than what they require a student in kindergarten to know by the end of the school year.. he also can now read a few short words... not to brag or anything but we've been knowing that our kid is exceptionally smart... that's why at the conclusion of the assessment, the teacher had told us that he is the brightest in the whole class... hearing that made my heart melt like dark chocolate on sweaty hands.... LOL... I was just too proud of my son.... we gotta take him to Chuck E. Cheese or sumthin coz he deserves it....

then I got this in the mail today.....

he is the first Student of the Month from his class... I'm a proud momma!!


  1. aww.. i'm proud of you guys too! you should treat yourself to by coming here!

  2. haha... don't worry you'll get the chance to treat us when we go there... let me know when you're leavin for the P.I. so we can visit you before you leave


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