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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


the discount mall right next to my son's school is starting to be my favorite kill time spot... LOL.. I strolled thru the mini stores today & I didn't really find anything interesting to get... so I just got some more Red Cherry lashes...
I also got another Brush-on Eyelash Adhesive since I really really liked the black one I got from before (see this post for details on that)... I.M.O. this is better than any eyelash glue I've ever used, better than Ardell, better than the NYX one, even better than the DUO-which by the way STUNK!!... this one has a little bit of a strong smell but it goes away really fast as it dries up really quickly as well... you didn't have to wait 30 seconds before you can put your falsies on... the only downside to this adhesive is that it sticks really good, which means it's kind of hard to remove as well... but with a good eye makeup remover, there's really no problem with that...
I was trying to talk to the owner of the store about doing some sort of collaboration with me in selling some Red Cherry false eyelashes online... but there was a little bit of a language barrier, the conversation reminded me of me & my manfriend... LOL... so yeah, that was my first attempt with him... I'll try again next time... let me know if any of you are interested...

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